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Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Pellie Creates

Welcome to my blog, where I, the scribe, record my ideas, projects, likes and dislikes. Today we are thrilled to be joining in on Karen's Where Bloggers Create Party. Come and join us on a
whirlwind tour through blog land.

(View as you come in the door)

Welcome to my Craft room, My Studio, My Shed of Enchantment. My Sanctuary where I am free to learn new skills, polish old ones and create a variety of treasures not always with great talent; but always with great love.

(my dryad tree & fairies to your left)

(View with my work station out)

Again let me bid you Welcome - do come in make yourself at home, and do help yourself to some refreshments and then we will begin the tour.

(following around the left side -showing my work station put away when not in use, the cubby for my sewing machine and my desk with small shelves above it to hold embossing powders & glitter. My new fairy lights hanging from the main self are sure sweet when night falls.)

(A few of my cross stitch projects waiting for Sir Knight to make them frames.)

You can’t help but notice as you walk into the room that it is filled with delights to satisfy my inner child; yet has a simple elegance to appeal to my mature adult along with a vast array of pretty things to coax my creative muse out to play and create.

(Continuing on around the left side,a peek at some of the upper storage space, one of three of my storage cabinets this one filled with rubber stamps and painting supplies and a great looking guest chair - painted with roses and a bear having a tea party. Large spools of ribbon are stored in the basket under the chair and a small tray I use some times for quilling, hangs on the wall out of the way till needed.)

(A great shot of my Memory Board and the small set of shelves above it.)

This room though only created last year has already evolved to better meet my needs. So, If you stopped by to visit last year, you will notice that while a good majority, such as basic floor plan, is the same - there are many changes.

(A wonderful mosaic with a few close up shots of some of my projects.)

(My Cedar chest now holds material and there is a book case with many of my craft books. A closed cabinet which holds office supplies and the hatboxes are even called into duty to hold either my collection of Vintage books or vintage postcards.)

The loud burst of colors - I had hoped would inspire me - ultimately just gave me a headache My brain crying out - TOO LOUD - TOO BUSY.. So a few things were repainted and a softer palate of color was chosen.

(My new baby chandy, the telephone and an emergency candle come into view as we move to the right side of the room.)

(Old China Cabinet turned computer cabinet, also holds many little trinkets and gifts from family and friends all right here for my viewing pleasure.)

Areas found to be dark and dreary required new lights. The small chandelier added to the corner by the computer and painted to match it’s bigger buddy (which is in the center of my room. but some how managed to stay out of all the pictures) - being one of those new additions.

(Another view of Computer Cabinet and another book case full of books.)

(A collection of Cat prints I just love and also a print of Beatrix Potter characters to keep me company on rainy nights such as this one.)

The sun as it rose over my curtains - caused changes in the temperature of the room - which could not be adjusted by the thermostat - without the rest of the house suffering. So an additional curtain was hung, and just to be a bit different it was hung a bit forward from the window - giving the window a rather Victorian Gypsy/Fairy wagon look to it. I can still see all my Teddy friends behind it but they appear to be covered by a thin mist - that same mist that veils our world from the land of the fairies; or childhood from adulthood.

(My loveseat used for reading or stitching )

(Bringing us right back up to where we started, but on the right side is another of my storage units, this one holds stitching supplies.)

New Storage containers and systems were added - as I strove to also clean up my basement storage annex. Bringing different supplies up that I am finding I use more often and taking those that while a good thought at first -I find I have used little if ever, (A true crafter never throws anything out - we just rearrange to suit our current priorities.)

(This picture is a solo shot of the picture above my desk. It has been with me many years - but is as true today as when I first hand lettered it.
The Quilled bird and flower are also some of my handiwork.)

Well I know you have many more places to drop by today - so I won't detain you any longer. Please do leave a comment and let me know you stopped in here for a visit. Thanks.



Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, you are organized! We'll have to send Jan over to take lessons. We'd have a lot more fun rearranging things if they were neat.

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Man - you are organized!!! Do you have a book that I can read on how to putthings away. Very nice space!!!! Fresh and whimsical!

Brian said...

Thanks for the wonderful tour. Everything is so storybook pretty!

Rebecca said...

Gasp! What a wonderful, fabulous tour my friend. I love it all! Sooo organized and pretty. LOVE THAT!

xoRebecca said...

The love seat is a sweet touch, especially with that daisy throw on it!

The Feathered Nest said...

I just love it all Penny!! You have a beautiful, cozy space ~ it's soothingly cheerful!! So many wonderful goodies to see too ~ don't you just love having beautiful things surrounding you while you create? Thanks so much for sharing so many great photos!!! Hugs and love, Dawn

Malisa said...

Your studio is so inviting...and so organized! I am impressed! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your work space and into your life! Come by and visit me!


Tricia said...

Your space is so beautiful - I can see why you love to be in there creating. I love the color scheme - it is all delightful. I saw that you are a fan of Jane Austen and Beatrix Potter, as I am. We just made my first ever trip to England and visited the Jane Austen Centre and Beatrix Potter's home. It was so much fun. I know you would have loved it. Thanks for sharing and visiting my space.


BLISS angels said...

You said the magic word fairies I came right over and I am so glad I did I love your tree.
Thank you for sharing this with me and visiting me i hope you will come back soon
Hugs ~Wendy at Blissangels

Kit said...

Wow, an incredible room! So much to look at and so cheery and fun. Thank you for visiting me at my site too! Kit

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Penny,

Oh my, all the eye candy!! We must have all those bits and bobs to make our beautiful stuff. I love the way you've utilized all of your furniture pieces. It's so lovely!

It's such a pleasure to be back for the party again this year and visiting all of the wonderful creative souls and their creative space. Thank you for sharing yours with me.

Thank you for visiting with me and strolling through my's been a labor of love to put together and now after a year in our home I feel like I can "spread my wings" and fly!

Have a wonderful day,
Stephanie ♥

Sherry said...

I love that you have so many of the things you love around your in your space. I also love your stitching. I am glad that I came to visit you lovely space and know it would be easy to stay a while. Thanks for sharing and for your visit to my space.

ginger@bearbits said...

Utterly charming. That's what I thought with your first photo. I think you must enjoy this room so much. The colors are similar to mine so I am a fan of the white furniture and storage.

It has been a nice and inspiring visit here!


Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Penny,
I am in love with your gorgeous creative space. It is so well put together, organized and pretty at the same time. I love the wicker sofa for reading or stitching and your pretty corner chandy is a beautiful touch. I can see so many happy hours here. Love it all.

Thank you for stopping by. It was so nice to meet you. Have a wondeful Sunday.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

Jackie said...

Can I just stop a minute and give you a hug? Thank you for your hand letter. You are such a dear heart and you have managed to wiggle your way right into my heart. I clicked on every picture of your post and studied all your goodies and I had NO IDEA this was who you are.
No wonder we are linked hand an hand. Go figure this Fairyland girl would connect with her favorite Penny of all time.
Your post today let me see who you are and I no longer have to imagine.
Forever friends, and I will be writing back soon.
Love from Jacqueline

The Catnap Cottage said...

It is well-organized, pretty and inviting. What a delightful place - thanks for sharing!!!

zandra said...

Wow, can I just lay, I mean sit on your cozy couch and just admire all the precious treasures in every nook and cranny. What a beautiful creative space. So, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

NanE said...

Penny, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Your space is so charming and inviting. I love all the vintage furniture! Have a wonderful week, Nan

Sylvia Drown said...

Penny, what a beautiful creative space you light, bright and charming! Hope you're enjoying the rest of the party!!

Thanks so much for visiting Baxter's Mom's Studio and all your nice comments!

Queen Bee said...

What a terrific studio! I could stay here all day, will need to come back.over and over. LOL So many goodies!
Queen Bee Studio

Queen Bee said...

I would love to be able to follow you, but could not find a link.

Lovey said...

Penny your space is beautiful. It reminds me of a beautiful doll house. I absolutely love the light that shines through your window. Everything is so clean...and spacious! Really wonderful! BTW...thanks for your comment on my Studio too! Smiles...Lovey

Anonymous said...

Your space is beautiful, and I enjoyed visiting with you. I see we both like some of the same things, I love cross stitch and digital art also. Thanks for visiting my space!

Deborah Jeans Dandelion House ~ inspired living said...

What a wonderful creative space you have! I love all the " great furniture finds" in your studio.. Perfect solutions for storage and adding charm too! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a nice note too!

Dandelion Wishes,

Jeanne said...

Hi Penny - I knew from the very first photo that I was going to love your studio. What a delightful place to create in. I love the colors and how feminine the space in. Thanks for stopping by m blog to say hello!

Romeo said...

Hello Miss Penny and Master Genghis! So wonderful to meet you both!! Your studio is beautiful and I certainly enjoyed my visit! Your studio domain appears vast - however do you do it?!? I mean keeping Miss Penny! She must be a good pet to have and well behaved! Your studio is very inviting and I'm sure I will be back often to visit you!!!


Romeo and "her"

lee said...

very beautiful penny, i am sure you have a great time creating in there, I know I would. The cake looks great as well, I can imagine myself in there with you have tea and cake and creating

Chris said...

What a darling shabby sweet space! Lots of treasures here and there!
Best wishes,

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a wonderfully creative space!

I adore your storage solutions. They have inspired me.

Fabric Art said...

Penny it's a pleasure to look into your creativ studio so organized and very very beautiful, thanks for visiting my place.

Liz said...

A wonderful creative space. You can make so many beautiful things here! Love all the vintage collectibles. :)


blumensnapdragon said...

Your studio definitely looks like your most favorite room-surrounded by so many cozy memories and projects. The cake looked splendid-if we could only figure out a way to get a slice while touring. Your comments were so appreciated.

Denise said...

What a great place you have to create. So organized and full of wonderful goodies.

Cabin and Cottage said...

What a bright and cheery space you have! Thanks for inviting me--Jacqueline

Embellished Bayou said...

What a beautiful space, and funtional, too! Love the light in the room.

~Carrie from Cottage Cozy~ said...

~what an awesome place to create~ I can see why you have fun in here for sure!

Anonymous said...

Penny dearest, thank you for your sweet my dear do you manage such organization it just wonderful! Blessings Eden

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Oh, Penny! What a wonderful space! I love your big window and lacy curtains and all that storage is just wonderful. The whimsical touches are so pretty and sweet. I adore the love seat - what I wouldn't give to have the room for something like that in my space!

Claudia said...

Ooh, a studio in a converted shed! I love that - love the fact that you can go off to a separate building and create. It is a wonderful space.

Pat, A Remade Life said...

Beautiful blog and beautiful workspace!! I look forward to visiting with you again! Gods blessings, Pat, A Remade Life

Kiki said...

Hello Penny, so lovely to meet you! What a gorgeous enchanting tour...yay..that was love to have atea..your place is mnay treasures and beauty everwhere! you are super creative and very inspiring!
Wonderfully magical!
Kiki~, Heart of a Wizardess

And thankyou for your generous comments!

kluless said...

I love your room - it's like a big girl doll house! That fold out work station is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

Linda64 said...

Very nice space. Very organized and pretty. Thankyou for visiting my place.

Leah C said...

It really does look enchanting:) And I like the pastel color serene! Thank you for sharing your creative space...and for visiting mine:)

kimberly shaw said...

Your studio is so charming, filled with so many wonderful treasures. Thanks for the tour, it was very enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

Well hello there! I have to say your craft room is my favorite place to sit and chit chat with you for hours!! : )

Karen said...

Penny I just love your studio! It is so soft and feminine and I could get so many fun projects done in there! Much of it reminds me of my own studio . . . white walls, well one pink and lots of inspiration and memories!
Welcome to the Sorority! I am really looking forward to getting to know you over the coming months!
Have a beautiful day!
Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

Michelle May said...

Hi Penny! What a wonderful and fun place to create! I totally love the dryad tree! How cool is that!
Thanks so much for the tour!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Thank you so much for the tea and cake! So nice to have refreshments on the tour. I love your shelf around the top of the room - great display area. Enjoyed my visit!

marcia @Child in Harmony said...

I LOVE your space. It does speak to the child within and at your first photo I was entranced and wanted to see more. Great organization too.

thanks for visiting me too

happy day!

Beedeebabee said...

Oh my...Your special room is just so charming!!! One of the prettiest I've seen in my travels! xo Paulette

Terri said...

What a sweet space I especially liked that tree...who wouldn't want to spend hours creating there! TFS.

donnaj said...

great space-love seeing all the storage solutions everyone uses~pretty color on the walls-i'm still debating what to paint mine.

Karen Valentine said...

Penny your studio is enchanting!! I would definitely hang out in there for hours on end! I understand the color thing. Lot's of color just does not work for me to live with (although I love to look at it in other peoples spaces) I think you achieved the perfect balance of calm and invigorating! Thanks for joining the party and letting us in!
My Desert Cottage

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I'm late in getting by to visit but oh how glad I am that I stopped by! What a fabulous of my faves! Thanks so much for stopping by to see your space!

Your mad tea party looks like it was such're very clever!

Halle said...

My have so much space! Awesome wall color...

Miss Sandy said...

I love that whimsical tree!!! Well, I love your whole studio but there is something so enchanting about the tree. You really do have a magical place to create in, thank you for sharing.

black cat said...

WOW! i love the whole enitre look of your studio! i feel that mostly white with bursts of color work well for me too. i am in the process if painting the furniture in my own studio as most is recycled old stuff (as in mostly brown!)it was a lovely tour, and i enjoyed your kitties too. i have 2 chocolate point, a lynx and a snowshoe siamese, and just rescued a flame point kitten. arent they just the coolest cats? thanks for sharing your delightful space, blessings, chella

Lynnae said...

Your room is packed, but in a tidy organized way. It looks like a country store except all feminine and pretty. I love it!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

That is such a beautiful room. I really like the pull out work station. Thank you so much for sharing. Connie

Renee said...

Your room is wonderful. I love the furniture and the shelves. You are so organized. It looks so light and airy.

Great space for creating.

I love fairies, too.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a very efficient and creative space! Love the giant tree on the wall and the fairy lights. I'm glad you included so many photos of your projects--it's always fun to see what pretty things people make.

Your line about crafters never throwing anything away gave me a good chuckle!:D