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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fish Tank Floorshow Night.

Hello everyone,

I'm still out running around visiting all the bloggers who signed up for the Practical Magic Party;
But I couldn't let that stop me from reminding you that today was Fish Tank Floorshow Night.

Since Sir Knight worked so hard cleaning our fish tank up yesterday - I felt it was safe to take a few pictures and share our floorshow with you in case you don't have one of your own to enjoy.
And just so you know _ I didn't make him work on the tank - in fact I didn't know about floorshow night until he was at work. I wonder if he knew?

I really must tell you that having fish is not my idea of a good time. The fish and the tank are Sir Knight's thing. But, every now and then in the evenings - it is very relaxing to just sit and watch the fish swimming back and forth and around the tank. even Genghis like to watch them and has never, ever tried to climb on the tank.

Hope you have a very restful and serene evening.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Celebrating a Little Magic in Everyone

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Practical Magic Blog Party, hosted by:
Frosted Petunias & La Boheme Magigu

We’re serving up midnight margaritas - Yep - The recipe is an old coven favorite - belonging to a friend - and carefully copied from an ancient Grimoire. So grab your best broom and fly on in and join us.

The weather is a tad bit chilly - but the visibility is fine thanks to a waning Gibbous moon. Since the full moon was only yesterday I’m sure we still have (99%) of our full moon illuminative surface visible - which makes for good flying.

As a Member in long standing in a sisterhood of Magic - I did a little conjuring and was able to bring - Sally and Gillian Owens to the Party - or maybe it’s Aunt Jet and Aunt Francise - can’t really tell - none of those Owens ladies ever seem to age.

Ahh, the coveted recipe has finally arrived - Just put your broom anywhere deary - lets get busy - adding all those ingredients into the cauldron. There are thirsty people waiting and yes I am one of those thirsty people.

Let The Cauldron Bubble

Flip the switch, and Let the cauldron bubble!

A spell freely given is alright to use - but never steal a spell or power abuse.

Wake up, Wake up, Fly swiftly - It is already past the witching hour.

Lets Party!!!!!!!

The sand draws near the bottom of the hour glass - I know you must fly - other places to go and parties to attend . But before you go I wish to thank you for coming. I also wanted to tell you that I am offering the cute little cross -stitch piece as a giveaway - to anyone interested. Just leave me a comment and let me know if you want your name dropped into the cauldron. I will pick a winner at the witching hour on October 1st, giving all party goers a chance to enter no matter what day they make it here to visit.

Here is a close up of the giveaway. I mounted it in a really sweet plastic frame of roses which I felt it was kind of cool and significant to the movie - since Jimmy made the roses bloom in October; while the plastic makes it light enough to mail any where.

I had a great time - hope you did too.
See you around at some of the other events.

Brightest Blessings,

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Challenge with a Twist

Hello everyone,

Well - I took up another challenge. This particular challenge was first meant to be for Fawnda and Jeannine over at Fireflies and Jellybeans who offer the Iron Crafter challenge monthly - secret ingredient for this last month was - paint chip cards. But while I had the design all figured out and had even started it - I was unable to finish it by their deadline. Dang and hooey!

Then low and behold the girls over at Blissful ATC Swap, Wendy and Debbie came up with the challenge to make holders for the ATC cards we are exchanging. Since that was what I was making any way - I felt blessed to be able to enter my creation some where.

I picked up a rather large cigar box at an auction. It was the perfect size to make four divided areas for the standard small ATC - and still allow me an area big enough to accommodate the lovely postcard size cards my friend Dana and I had exchanged .

So the very first thing to be done was Sir Knight had to be commandeered into making the dividers. The box was then sanded a bit and spray painted white.

The tedious work of cutting up paint chip cards started as I worked to create the main character on my box - I fancy her as a bit art deco - but I promise I won't hold it against you, if you don't see her that way. Shading on her hair was all done with different paint sample colors - as is the large flower on her head. Most pieces were hand cut - but as you move down to the flowers some were punched out .

Then since I missed the first deadline - I felt no real compunction to complete the entire top in only paint chips. So I cut an easel and the heart shaped palette from a picture and used precut scrapbook letters to spell out my thoughts.

I used ric - rac around the side to cover the ridge on the box where all the wood burnt cigar advertisement did not all sand out.

The inside cover is a mini gallery of these first ATC's, I've made.

The storage area is lined with burgundy wool felt - which has ribbons sewn on to help lift the card since we designed the divided area to be nice and snug, to finish it off in style I sewed a charm at the end of each ribbon.

I think it turned out pretty good. What do you think?

Voting on these pieces over at Blissful ATC Swap - is done by sending the girls an e-mail and telling them your favorite ( ) . So if you think mine is kind of retro - cool and pretty - please feel free to cast a vote in my favor. If you find you like someone else’s better - I’m cool with that - vote for that one. But as I’ve said before - us artist and would be artist - love showing off our work and getting votes - so vote for someone, anyone, who‘s work tickles your muse.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shiver Me Timbers - It's Meow Like A Pirate day

Hey evfurrybody

Good to see all you guys - Pellie hasn’t been on the computer much lately - so It has been near impossible to find time to post.
I worked so hard all day yesterday snoopervising, Pellie and Sir Knight, that I'm just bushed - think I'll rest today and take a little nap.

Wow was that a dream or what?



Hello Sweet Friends,

The air is cool and crisp leaving no doubt that fall is just around the corner. Like most animals living in areas that enjoy four seasons; we have already begun the flurry of activities necessary for hunkering down for the winter. The canning is finished - the freezer inventoried and a list made of what is needed to fill it up - A trip to Sam’s Club is usually set for mid-October.

The furnace is to be cleaned and ready for it’s warming job during the winter. The garden cleared and put to bed for it’s winter nap.

Winter apparel (which we so happily shed in spring ) is - being scrutinized for wearability and being cleaned or discarded as necessary. Shopping for needed items is then to be done as soon as possible

The light airy curtains and window coverings are being washed and packed away till next spring, while the heavier - more winter appropriate things are being aired out and freshened up and made ready to fill the house with their comforts.

Next on my list is planning my winter reading and craft projects - and gathering the supplies necessary - so all is ready when I am. Anyone have any ideas - to suggest for either category?

All this activity going on and yet Genghis plays. It is a good thing that us lowly ants - love that little grasshopper and will share the fruits of our hard work with him.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Swaping ATC's again.

Hello everyone,

First off, I want to, Thank everyone, for their kind words of friendship and healing - we so appreciated each one. Genghis is doing much better; and while I am not 100% yet - I am feeling a lot better. At least I'm up and out of bed, that has to count for something.

How fast time flies. Here it is the 15th of the month and time for me to show off my latest ATCs
from participating in the swap over at Blissfull ATC Swap. The theme this month was leaves and really was a fun topic.

I will start by showing off the one I received from Dee Dee; check out her blog here.

Isn't this card just gorgeous - the little boy playing in the leaves is so typical of my son when he was a youngster. - I love it so much. Thanks Dee Dee.

Here is the one I made for Dee Dee - I'm a little ashamed to show you both in the same post, Her's has so much detail and mine is rather flat compared to it. But I am still just learning and getting the hang of making these ATC s.

Again I made a card to help send mine traveling along to Texas safely. So here is the picture of the card as well.

Genghis and I are hoping you are all well and we hope to be posting a little more regularly soon.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cough, Sneeze, Hack, Cough

Here is a sweet little card I made for a friends Birthday - which I somehow missed.

Hello everyone,

Remember when Genghis told you about sweet little Snickers, the cat we cat- sat for a friend. Well besides acting like the Great Banshee of Legend it seems our little visitor was a hotbed of disease. She was sneezing a little when she was here - but I thought maybe she was just allergic to something around the house here. Boy was I wrong. Soon Genghis was coughing, sneezing, listless and not eating and so we took him to the vet; much to his chagrin. He was put on Medication and has passed the worst of it . Yea!!!!

Another card - this one for a friend who just bought a new house.

But guess what? - - - now it’s my turn.

Since Genghis was a real trooper and posted even when he wasn’t feeling well - (when we were busy canning ) - I would feel amiss if I didn’t at least post a few pretties- I had been working on - before I started feeling icky.

This is the picture that Gail over at Mind wide Open gave us for the September Challenge.
The word prompt was - Endings.

Here is what I made. My Idea was that Endings are always the start of New Beginnings; and while we may look back at the past - we must move ahead and be ready to savor the new adventures ahead.

On September 9th, Gail will have all the projects up and ready to be voted on. So if your not too busy - please do hop on over there to Mind Wide Open and vote for the piece that speaks to your soul.

And on the 7th day
By Colleen Lambert

My nose is red…my eyes a mess…I feel so awful bad.
This is simply be…the worst cold I’ve had!
*Sneeze* Gesundheit! God Bless Me.

Why can’t this be an allergy?

My throat is parched, my lips are dry., I need some TLC.
Bring on the chicken soup real hot…a cup of herbal tea!
I’d like to be so pampered, and to ask is just outrageous…
Because I know this cold of mine has left me all contagious.
Sniffle, Honk, I’m all stuffed up, so please don’t make an issue
If I ask ya oh-so-nice to hand me a tissue.
I’m gonna keep myself in bed until my breathing’s clear,
No sneezing, wheezing gasping breath I ever want to hear!
I wouldn’t wish this rotten cold on any friend of mine.
Now where’s my robe and jammies, and fuzzy slippers too?
My books and Pillows, juice and meds…Uhuh …Achoo!!
Sneeze and sniffle.. God Bless Me! I feel so awful sick
I wish these seven days would pass …and get me better quick.

Well that kind of sums it up for me. --I sure hope Sir Knight doesn’t fall victim to this Upper Respiratory Infection too -- Who would take care of me? sniff, sniff