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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Hello Everybody,

I helped Pellie and Sir Knight pass out the treats to all the little ghost, goblins, ghouls and fairy princesses and I had such a good time.

Then this evening I made a midnight run to the cemetery to gather some graveyard dirt, to use in some of my potions. And look at me dressed in my wizy robes; I wasn't even scared. Whoooooooo took this picture????? muhaha!!!!
Trick or Threat! smell my paws.
I'm the cutest wizard you ever saw.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hey! Hi there,

you are getting sleepy - you will forget how long it been since I last visited

Hey Everybody it's me Genghis Khat,

I know it's been a long time since I wrote here on this blog thingy; but Pellie has not been feeling well and when she is on the computer it's for such a short time I don't have time to get my thoughts together much less do my post.

So anyway she is busy working on some sort of bread book - she said she is inspired by this class she is taking. I know she does not need much to inspire her to play with her paper scraps and make glittery things. Just as long as she's happy and left the computer on for me - we both can be happy.

I have missed visiting with all my kitty friends but I will try to get it done.

According to Purina Petcentric today is National Cat Day - "a holiday to celebrate cats for their unconditional love and companionship. Yep, Pellie has really been giving me lots of pets and hugs today and even a couple of my favorite treats - Chicken Pitter Patters. Yum.

I was kind of surprised about this cuz I have been waking wake her up really early in the mornings lately and Sir Knight tells me I shouldn't do this when she doesn't feel good. But I can't seem to help myself. I wake up and am ready to play and I really want her around so I go jump on and off the bed and her chest till she opens her eyes. I know she waits up late for Sir Knight to come home from work while I sleep but like I said I just cant help myself.

I picture myself as this this perfect little kitty - but I know I'm not - yet Pellie loves me any way. Yea!!!

So are all you guy and gals ready for Howls and Screams? We are and I can hardly wait. I love to see all the kids come up to the door in their costumes. It is so exciting. I'm glad I'm not a black cat though- Petcentric says this is a dangerous time of year for black cats -cuz peoples are scared of them at Halloween and try to hurt them. I guess that was why my brofur Dale never cared for all the fun and he would just go to sleep in the basement till it was all over.

Oh boy I was so excited the other day - I was outside playing and a mouse entered into my domicile. So I stalked it and very stealthly attacked it, killed it and took it to show Pellie in the house. She wasn't too happy about my big game I hunted up and Sir Knight made me drop it from my mouth, then he took it and disposed of it in the outside trash bin.
"Better to have hunted and have it taken away than to never have hunted at all" I guess?

Well its time for my nap, but first I better go sit among Pellie's paper things for a little bit so she knows I'm here.


A cat purrs when it's happy, meows when it wants attention, and is silent when planning its next move.

Happy Howls and Screams to all my wonderful friends.

Monday, October 26, 2009

It was a shop till you drop weekend.

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing well and had a wonderful weekend. Without even planing it ours turned out to be a weekend of shopping.

I signed up for a bread making class at our local college extension and didn't want to take all my antique baking supplies, we use at home, so the first place we headed was to the dollar store.
And picked up the cute little ensemble you see above. Oh I know it's not designed to last a lifetime but if it just makes it thorough the three classes I'll be happy. In one of the classes we are suppose to make a bread cornucopia - I'm kind of all thumbs in the kitchen so I hope it turns out well. Wish me luck.

The biggest surprise of our shopping day was when we headed over to Best Buy. Well that wasn't the surprise and I thought nothing of it because Sir Knight always loves to browse around there. We perused most all the merchandise and the computers just looking - not buying - then out of the blue Sir Knight picked this little baby up and bought it for me as a Halloween present. How wonderful is that? (Insert me doing happy dance here.) I finally got an external hard drive to back up my wealth of pictures stored on this computer and on my old computer - which we setup in the basement for when the grandchildren come over and want to play their online games. Because I don't let anyone but Sir Knight and myself use the new computer - I mean it's not even a year old yet.

As you can imagine; the first thing I did when we were home was to make copies of all the pictures on the old computer and transfered them to my new computer. As soon as I am finished going through them weeding out duplicates and such, I will again copy them all over to the hard drive for safe keeping. Then I can remove them all together form the old computer; which should make the grandchildren happy too because once all the pictures and documents are off the old computer - there will be more memory available for their game playing. So this little black book is making many people sooooo happy.

Sir Knight doesn't think I'll fill this puppy up - Ha! I bet I will.

Well I better get back to work .


Friday, October 23, 2009

Make a Difference Day

Hello everyone,
Well tomorrow is National Make a Difference Day. So I thought I'd post just a little bit about making a difference.

When I was healthy and actively working at my chosen profession - I always felt like I made a difference. Oh not in great shakes but in those little things, turning and fluffing the pillow of a bed fast patient, giving a soothing back rub or in finding the right little treat to entice a patient to eat.

But now I am retired and there are days that I really wonder what have I done lately that makes a difference to someone - anyone - besides my self?

Food for thought; I guess and something I feel I really need to think about today & tomorrow, and hopefully get ignited with a passion that will kick me in the rear and into action.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome! Do come in and set a spell.

Yes; you are on the guest list I see.

Alas, poor Nell; Is that Snidley Whiplash's skull on the witches alter? OH, Yes!!!!

Not so spooky while the sun is still shinning.

Please be seated and dinner will be served. Ah such a fine menu we have for you today.
Stuffed intestines served over shaved brains with some liver stuffed pasta pillows.
Oh! Cyclops eyes as a side dish how wonderful.

As the sun sets for the night we begin to feel the chill from all the spirits -
so lets light the fire place

Grim, so glad you could attend - always resourseful I see -
a torch to add some extra light on the party.

A Rousing Game of Pope Joan with the Queen Ann Boleyn.
What is that your majesty? You want your Tarot Cards read!!!
Are you sure that is wise? A royal command - Yes I understand.

The Divinator tells Queen Ann, her future.
The Death card is up your Highness so sorry.
(If only you knew that a few hundred years ago.)

Curtsy to the Queen as she prepares to depart.
So good of you to come, lets do this again next year.

One tired witch and her Familiar (who hid for most of the party)

I am so happy that you came.
I know you have other engagement so I will keep you no longer.

Happy Halloween!

Check out all the other parties here:


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Columbus Day!

Hello Everyone,
These October days seem to be flying by way to fast; here it is October 12th, already. Like my handsome Spanish Conquistador friend above, I would like to wish you all a safe and Happy Columbus Day.
Christoper Columbus was an Italian Navigator, who with funds and 3 Ships provided him by King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella of Spain, set out to find a western ocean route to Asia. He left from Palos, Spain in the Flag ship Santa Maria on August 3, 1492. Problems with the Nina & Pinta necessitated a one month delay on the Canary Island. He set sail again on September 3rd, sailing until a sailor aboard the Pinta sighted land on Oct. 12.
Columbus and a crew of 90 men disembarked their ships and ventured onto what they believed would be Asia, but was in fact the Bahamian island of Guanahan. Disappointed to not have achieved his goal and yet totally in awe that he discovered a continent that had yet to be discovered by Europeans.
He may have missed his mark for trading with Asia, but Europeans were more than thrilled with the exotic array of food items he brought back with him:
sting beans
kidney beans
lima beans

These are Columbus's true legacy; for were would Italian cooking be without the tomatoe, the the Irish without the potaoe, or Swiss without chocolate. Think about it. And more important, where would we be without all of these?


Saturday, October 10, 2009

I only craft on days that end in y

Hello everyone,
It rained again on Friday - so I spent most of the day playing with Organza. Previously I had found this great blog and Reese's experiments into the world of organza flowers. I was filled with a desire to try it, but just never seemed to made time for it. With the upcoming Halloween Party I wanted to make something chic to decorate my birdcage and remembered these - so I gathered my organza round me and set to work making a few flowers that I deemed spookily chic. When those turned out so well I decided they would make great package toppers for Christmas & Birthdays (and boy do we have a lot of those coming up in the next couple months) so yesterday I got seriously busy and filled my jar with an array of gorgeous flowers. (It also helped that I happened to have lots of organza left over from making Renaissance Headpieces so the out of pocket cost was nill.) Making these are kind of like eating a potatoe chip - you just cant make one.
These are the little beauties that are on my birdcage.
A sneak peak at my completed birdcage.

Well, Sir Knight is already dressed and ready to go shopping, so I best bring this to a close and get myself ready to go with him. It is cold but not raining so I don't mind heading out today.

I hope you all have a great weekend.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

I managed to get a little crafting time in!

Hello everyone,
Its been cold and raining for the last two days - what better incentive is there to stay in the craft room in front of my heater? None. So that is what I did.
I had not participated in a challenge over at "Mind Wide Open" in over two months and my muse was kicking me in the posterior to get myself back in gear. So above you see the picture Gail gave us for the challenge.
Oh! my, I said to my muse - it's green - so very green (and I really don't like green) and it has a bee not a person - I don't think I can do this. Sure you can she said - just think about it a bit - then get busy it has to be in by midnight tomorrow. Yea sure!, I said; you got all the talent and all I got is a brain full of fog, right now. Think, she whispered till her voice faded out completely; and she left me siting at my computer without a clue.
Well I knew she would never give me a moments rest if I didn't think on this, so there I sat - I had never done a challenge that had something other than a person (usually pretty girls) so what, could I do with this. I knew I was not a fan of all that green so the first thing I did was bring that picture into my photo software and soften that vast expanse of green. I played around and played around till I finally got a picture I could look at without cringing.
With that printed I sat sat my desk and played with my ephemera till I found a few pieces that seemed to work with the piece . I painted a terra cotta background and then cut it into the shape of a hexagon -the shape of the honeycombs. Then using a pallet that included wheat or maize and brown with the green and terra cotta I came up with this

Well. What do you think?

Since Gail gave no word prompt with this picture - I made my own - "Flight."
The idea being that the bumblebee according to aerodynamics because of his size in relation to the size of his wings should not be able to fly - but no one ever told him - so he flys anyway.

A lesson to myself maybe that I need not concern myself with what others say of me or my projects, and just do what is in my heart.

So today I sent my project off to Gail - tomorrow she will post all the participants and the voting will start. If you have a few minutes why not drop over and visit Gail's Blog tomorrow. And cast a vote for your favorite piece. Mind Wide Open - visit it tomorrow.

Hope you all are tucked in and warm; enjoying the pleasures of autumn.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cool October Nights and Good Reading

Hello Everyone,

The cool crisp air of autumn is filled with excitement, as we ready the house for Halloween and for our Party we will be doing with all the friends of Fanciful Twist.

What better time of the year to delight in tales of the macabre and I have a few I intend to read - some for the first time and some others for the pleasure of meeting up with old friends or is that fiends. Mystery writer may come and go but my all time favorite to curl up with - hands down - is the Father of the Macabre Edgar Allen Poe. "The Great American Ghost Stories" book by Hans Holtzer is also a very good read. In my college days I was able to gather information about the great Hans Holtzer. One of the other college's in our town of three colleges was said to have an ill fated haunted room and we all clamored for information as to whether or not he would debunk the ghost story once and for all or authenticate it as a real sighting.

Tales of haunted houses are always interesting - but when October comes around - well - they seem so appropriate. Who hasn't wanted to take one of those trips around to all the locations in your own town or county. I know, when I still lived in Chicago, the midnight halloween tours of the haunted cemetaries was always fun even if I never ever saw a ghost for myself.

For the Little tykes - the Bunnicula serries by James Howe - Is great. Yes there are a few scary parts in it but Howie and Chester and Bunnicula, always overcome evil and save the day for the unsuspecting Monroe Family. Yes bunnicula is a Vampire rabbit and he sucks the juice out of all the vegitables in the neighborhood but he is so cute and cuddly who can blame him.

Well, I'v rested my feet long enough I best get back to the business of decorating.

Thank you so much for coming by to visit. Do feel free to come again soon. Please.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello October - A Party in the works

Good morning everyone,

How are you this morning?

October has arrived and to us she has brought cold air and plenty of rain. Riding on the shirttails ( or maybe i should say broomstick) of this cool crisp fall day she brings the promise of some wonderful autumn activities.

I want to invite you all to come and join us - as I joined in on Vanessa's Party over at "Fanciful Twist". We have already started to decorate the party room and plan on making all the goodies this weekend. So do come back to visit and maybe we can sit a spell and watch the Halloween magic unfold around us.