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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Hello Everyone,

Hope your Halloween is awesome.

May you have more Treats than Tricks, whatever way you are spending your day..


Friday, October 29, 2010

Flighty Friday

Hello Everyone,

Halloween is almost here. Yeah!!!!! Drac finally ambled up from the basement to take his place at the door; holding treats for all the little tricksters, and it's about time - is all I have to say about that matter.
Well maybe not - he knows he was suppose to be front and center at least a week before Halloween - so he is a wee bit tardy. And the worst part is that he offered no excuse as to why he's late - He was probably lost in reading his favorite Halloween Comic books. Kids now days. Hurmp! Yes he's still a kid - I only made him two years ago.
Well he's here now - so I am am grateful.

The arrival of the seasons cold weather has brought an end to garage sales in my neck of the woods. I was not fully ready to accept that fact - so it was really cool when I found that one of the local scrapbbook stores was having an indoor garage sale - where they allow their patrons to bring in things to sell. So of course I had to hurry over there and get in on some of the bargins.. I got all this neat stuff for just $15.

Sir Knight is just the sweetest - he spoils me shamefully. Look at this neat Laminator he bought me as a combination Sweetest Day - Halloween present.

Now I have to go and play in the craft room so I can have something to try out my new machine on.

Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween to one and all.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

National Chocolate Day

Hello everyone,

October 28th is National Chocolate Day.

Now if you're like a lot of people, chocolate is your comfort food. Stressful day at work? Reach for the chocolate. Emotionally challenging day? Nothing perks you up like a bowl full of chocolate ice cream and/or a brownie. Just ate a wonderful meal, but now you have a sweet tooth , how about some French Silk Pie ... well, you get the idea.

For better or worse, calories and all, chocolate is a big part of our lives. So, it's no wonder that someone thought it worthy enough to have an entire day dedicated to it.

Chocolate does deserve it’s own day.

While it’s a centerpiece of Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter…OK, EVERY day is Chocolate Day.

But October 28th is the day it gets official recognition. True there are conflicting stories out there that National Chocolate Day is actually December 24th and February 10th, but those are blatant lies.

It’s today.

Celebrate in decadent style.


Sir Knight this Holiday is for you!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tittalating Teacup Tuesday

Hello everyone,

Once again I am participating in Teacup Tuesday with Martha and Terry.

Since Halloween is just around the corner I decided to put aside my usual array of pink floral cup to offer something a little more attuned to the ambiance of the season.

Here I have this wonderful Salisbury Bone China cup which boast a lovely pattern of black leaves on both cup and saucer. It also has the leaf design on the inside of the cup. The pattern is called "Othello"

From 1927 to 1949 company was named "Salisbury Crown China Co"
Bone China manufacturer operating at the Salisbury Works, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent.
in 1961 the company was acquired by Thomas Poole and moved to Chadwick Street, Longton.
Earlier In 1952 Thomas Poole acquired Gladstone China company and was reformed to became the Royal Stafford China Co.

This is all I can find out about the company other that they always used a crown for their makers mark - which my cup has - but it doesn't quite match the two examples I found - so not sure of the date it was manufactured in.

Hope you enjoyed my new Wickedly beautiful teacup for Halloween Week.


Mancat Monday

Hello Evfurry one,
Wow! It seems like a long time since I posted last, maybe that's because it has been - Due to the fact that neither Pellie or Sir Knight have had their computers turned on. They said they were going unplugged for awhile.and while that might work alright for them - I have been having withdrawl symptoms from being separated from all my friends. I did try to visit a few of you - but everything had to be short and fast so I didn't get caught with the computer on. Hope you understood.

I trust all is well with the world while I have been in forced exile.

Hope to see you soon.

Found this guy one day while I was surffing the net -thought he was pawsome since we share in a deep love of boxes.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Medical Assistants Day and ATC's

Hello everyone,

Today is Medical Assistants Recognition Day and since I spent a good many years teaching in this Field - I wanted to make sure I wished them the best in their careers

“Taking vitals, recording patient histories, answering
insurance questions, and scheduling appointments—the
medical assistant does it all and then some with competence
and compassion. To show gratitude for all they do and in
celebration of Medical Assistants Recognition Week”
… Taken from the American Association of Medical Assistants

The Artist Trading Card theme for this month was “Dark” and my swap partner for this swap was Maria over at Bubblegum and Duct Tape , if you have a few minutes you should go and check out her blog - Its great. Without further ado here is the lovely card she sent me. Isn’t it awesome?

I really had trouble not going out of the size parameters set for the ATC when I was making my card - all my ideas seemed to be very Halloweeny and with lots of embellishments that made the card too large. So after much trial and error I came up with an idea I could work with.

The card I made for her was inspired by a quote from E.A. Poe “ Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before“. I used a gothic background and included the quote - but since I really didn’t want the quote to be the center of attention - I used a rubber stamp of a Raven (very Poe ish) and embossing powder stamping right over the entire card.. I added a 3-D sticker off to the side as well as a little black gem to complete it; then titled it “Deep into the Darkness”. What do you think?

Of course I had to make a greeting card to accompany my card on its journey across the country. But here I felt I could do Halloween - since it is my all timer favorite holiday, as it always encourages me to be a kid again. The paper I used to make my ATC envelope was also in the Halloween theme.

I love doing these ATC’s they are so much fun. - Why don’t you join us and give it a try - you never know you may have an artist hiding in you just waiting to burst out and be free; and besides you get so many cool cards in return. Check out Blissfull ATC Swap Blog and come join the fun.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back to Blogging on Teacup Tuesday

Good morning everyone,

Welcome. It’s a cold crisp morning here in my part of the Midwest. The hot coffee is not only eye opening; but also serves as a personal hand warmer.
I really hate to put the heat on till - Mother Nature decides that she is done alternating between balmy and burrry; but I just might have to break down and turn that thermometer to warm.

Presently I am kind of working through a bit of writers block. It seems that the longer one stays away from the blog - the harder it is to come back. Oh I know I’m not as serious a blogger as most - it has something to do with a small portion of my brain that says; if I have to do something everyday, it is work not play and I revolt - but I really do try.

I am once again participating in Teacup Tuesday and decided to show off two of my newer cups that I found at an auction during the past couple weeks.

Sir Knight had wanted to get me a teacup for my birthday way back in July - but I just never found one that I really liked - so we just passed on the idea.
Until two weeks ago when this cute teacup was sitting on the table waiting for its turn up to the auctioneers gavel. It was love at first sight. I was smitten with the floral design that wrapped around the inside and outside of the cup and the fact it said Happy Birthday made it just a little bit fun as well as functional.

The markings say: Tuscan, Fine English Bone China, Made in England. There is also a crown with two wings incorporated into the mark - but I am not sure what Maker that mark represents. And since we were unplugged from computer during our staycation - I must admit I really did not research it in time for this post. Sorry about that - but it is pretty to look at even if I don’t know who made it.

My next cup is also a recent acquisition from an auction. Once more I admit - it was love as soon as I set my eyes on that pretty pink border - and I knew it had to be mine as I admired the three little scenes depicted on the cup and the saucer.. I really can’t say if the scenes are Renaissance or Victorian from their costuming - yet it didn’t’ matter as I am a huge fan of both time periods in History.

This little gem is a hand painted Lefton China piece.

That America’s love of tea was so great that in 1674, When New Amsterdam Became New York under the British rule, the colony drank more tea than all of England.

“While there’s tea, there’s hope.” . . . Sir Arthur Pinero

Thank you for visiting and we hope you all have a great day.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Columbus Day

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone has a nice Columbus Day Holiday.

Sir Knight and I have kind of been taking a staycation at home this past week. Kicking back sleeping late, reading a book or two, putzing around doing some of those little trivial things around the house that get overlooked and just plain resting and recuperating.
Charging our batteries so we will be better equipped to handle the upcoming Holiday stresses.

Have a wonderful day.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Winner Is.

It's time to announce the winner of our Giveaway.

All the names of those who wanted to enter went into the cauldron. (Yea, I know it was kind of a weird cauldron - but I couldn't find my real one - and this worked out ok after I got it all blown up.)

Mr. Drummer - Drum role please.

I am proud to announce that the winner of the cute little witchy cross stitch is: Brian over at Brian"s Home.

Congratulations Brian.

Hope it makes you smile - especially around Halloween.