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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My friend is gone - but will never be forgotten

Hello Evfurryone,

I just found out some very sad news - my Friend Miss Peach - has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Pellie and I haven't been on the computer since my last post - so I am just finding out the sad news, and it has put me in a rather pensive mood.

Pondering Word of Wisdom from people smarter than myself.

While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet her behind the veil.
. . . John Taylor

Dearth leaves a heartache no one can heal; Love leaves a memory no one can steal.
. . . From a headstone in Ireland

With what a deep devotedness of woe
I wept thy absence - o’er and o’er again
Thinking of thee, still thee, till thought grew pain,
And memory like a drop that, night and day,
Falls cold and ceaseless, wore my heart away.
. . .Thomas Moore

Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them, so many years of our own lives.
. . . John Galworthy

Thinking about my friend - I will miss you, Miss Peach. Fly free .


Prayers and Hugs,
Penny & Sir Knight

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mancat Monday

Hello Evfurry one,

All the activity this past weekend wore me out completely. It really can be a tough job snoopervising your humans.

So today I decided to head outside for a little romp around the yard - you know just blow off steam and relax a bit. I caught me a birdie and brought it to show Pellie and all she did was Yell and Scream at me. When I opened my mouth to tell her it was OK, the birdie Fell out and Sir Knight shooed the birdie away and took me in the house. How humiliating is that? So I guess I'll just sit here in my box and sulk.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Water Closets and Purses.

Hello everyone,

Sir Knight and I have just finished up - replacing the toilet in our half bath. What a job that was.

We first thought we were going to do an easy fix and just replace the gasket between the tank and the bowl - which would fix our small leaking problem -but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and man - Yep when we tried to get the old gasket off - we landed up breaking one of the necessary pipes - so we had to run out to Lowes and get a whole new toilet.

What was nice - was that it came all ready it just needed to be installed - what wasn't nice - was it is a bit taller than our old one and so we had to raise our hanging cabinet - or we'd never be able to get the tank top off.

Isn't that how it always seems to go - one thing always leads to another - till it seems you've darn near replaced or moved everything.

But it is finally done and now it's time for all of us to take things easier for the rest of the evening.

I wanted to show you - some Artful Bag Challenge projects. This months challenge from Frosted Petunias was to make an ATC to swap.

This is the wonderful ATC I received from my partner Linda over at Moments In An Eye. Isn't it just beautiful The colors are so soft and delicate. I love it. Thank you so much Linda. Notice she also sent me a cool selection of extra goodies to use in my project.

This is the ATC I made for Linda. It is the ATC that almost wasn't. It is a very scaled down to size little purse which opens closed and is capable of holding all kinds of little treasures.

My first try however was a real dud when I folded my paper of choice - it showed ugly white creases where the folds were. I had to dig through my stash of card stock paper and find something that I felt would be classy and yet not show those ugly fold creases. I found this paper and while it wasn't"pretty" per say. It did have classic lines , great texture; and as for the brown color well fall is right around the corner. So I felt it would do nicely.

My second attempt was also a dud - but this time the result was an error in judgement on my part - a truly senior moment - when I realized I had put the sticker with all my info on the front rather than the rear of the bag.

The third time was a charm though and I thought it came out simply charming. It even has small bits of Velcro so it can be opened and closed. I put in a small set of keys and of course a penny for luck and prosperity before I sent it on its way.

The time has come for me to join the rest of the family in their Easy mode.

Have a great day.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wizard of OZ Blog Hop

Hello Everyone,

Today I'll be joining Two Crazy Crafters in their Wizard of Oz ATC blog hop.

In preparation for this day I surfed the web and searched for free coloring pages I could use to make my favorite characters from. Them I got busy making all these cute ATC's

Being a Midwesterner born and breed I've always known the dangers of Tornadoes. So as a child, when I first saw the movie - it was really kind of scary when the tornado lifted up Dorothy's house and carried it away with Dorothy in it.

So my first ATC is of the tornado:

This picture was a free coloring page from: Cartoon

The next pictures I found on a great website and I thought when I printed the pictures out that the page would have the web address on it - so I could link back to it. - However, I was wrong: and after many hours of searching I have never found the website again. If anyone know what site these came from please let me know so I can give them credit for their coloring pages and link back to them.

The Wicked Witch of the West - looking pretty good in this ATC

Dorothy & Toto on the Yellow Brick road and a few quilled Poppies

Glinda the Good Witch from the South

And of course Dorothy's companions along the road to Oz.

Simple Word of Wisdom:

Brain: an apparatus with which we think we think. . . Ambrose Bierce

Where ever you go, go with all your heart. . . Confucius

Courage is simply the willingness to be afraid and act anyway. . . Robert Anthony

Hope you have a great Friday everyone.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Psst. Sir Knight your starting to get a little body rot under here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday with Friends

Hello everyone,

So glad you were able to drop by and visit.

I first want to thank all of you for you kind comments on my new desk. I think Sir Knight was buoyed up by all the enthusiasm - as I read him each comment - to know his hard work gets noticed - at least once in awhile.

Yesterday I received my ATC from the Lady in a Hat Swap over at The Altered Paper.

My partner was Gail and her blog is "The Artist in Me"

This is the super cute card she made me. Isn't it just the Coolest.

As much as I love dressing up - I do echo that young ladies sentiments - I rather be in Blue Jeans too.

Gail also sent me some very neat extra goodies. Just look at that baggy of different fibers and mostly in colors suitable for fall creating. The other baggie has an assortment of paper empherma. Thank you so much Gail; you are so generous.

Hope all of you have had a great day so far,

See you again soon.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Mancat Monday

Hello Evfurryone,

Wow. What a busy Sunday we had around here, I really wore myself out. It's a good thing that today is National Relaxation Day - so I can re -energize my self.

How do you like my nifty new sleeping spot - Pellie carved out for me in her Craft room? I love it. I can stay close to Pellie when she works on all her project - yet I'm not right in her face and glue. And Best of all I can catch a few rays from the sun when I'm there.

So Relax Like You Mean it Today.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Taking A Little Break

Hello Everyone,

Wow, It has been one busy day here at my house. I've been busy washing comforters and hanging them on the line; trying to get them ready for the change of season ahead.
Sir Knight canned a few pints of tomato sauce. Our tomatoes are coming in a bit weird this year probably because of all the weird hot humid weather. We have tomato the size of softballs - but they don't ripen very fast.

In between these other jobs we are trying to rearrange my craft room to accommodate my new desk. What new desk you ask? Well you see a couple weeks back; one of those really hot muggy days we were having - we went to our favorite auction. I keep telling Sir Knight that it had to be the heat that made me do it - cuz he no longer believes me when I say the devil made me do it.

I bought this roll top desk for $5.00. What a bargain right? Yea, it was flawed, like the roll top didn't always come down catching on something inside and it's desk top was really really scratched up - but hey it was only $5.00.

Sir Knight was not a happy camper since it fell to him to get this extremely heavy desk home.
But with the help of our youngest grandson -they managed to get it in a borrowed truck and home to our garage..

After many hot hours spent there in his workshop he transformed my ugly duckling into a working beauty.

Of course we have now had to rearrange my craft room to get it in here - but I am just soooo thrilled. I love it.

I am now working hard to fill the drawers and cubbies and get myself organized. (Note I did preface that by saying; trying)

Of course nothing comes or goes from this house that the snooperviser doesn't check out - so here he is. To me his face kind of mimics Sir Knight's, saying: I know it looks nice in here but why did you need another desk?

The Blissful ATC Swap is coming to a close for this month - so since my partner received her card I can show them to you. The theme was food and my partner for this swap was Jennifer over at Altered Spirit and this is the card she made for me. So cute and a great Jane Austin quote as well and all neatly enclosed in an apple pie recipe. Thank you so much Jen. I really love it.

This is the first card I made - I'm a person of rather eclectic taste - and my card kind of reflect my unique point of view. I chose a black & white damask card stock paper as my base (I felt it served as my tablecloth) added a small Campbell's soup label I removed from some play food toys we had from the grands when they were young. I added an image of a grandma caring her soup tereen in vellum. Sort of like a shadow of all the moms and grand moms in the past who served soup. I then added my spoon - also a toy and added the alphabet pasta letters. The letters on the soup puddle I left natural and spelled ATC Swap - the letters on the spoon were applied over glitter glue to give it a wet look I colored with orange marker to look like the tomato broth that is the basis of Vegetable Soup. and spelled food. Then I added a little color to the bowl of the spoon to look like they just set it down -after eating.

I had found some really cute retro - ladies in some of my mom's old cookbooks - that just didn't fit on my first card - So I made a second, which is not exactly food but rather cooking themed.
I did this card digitally and I added it to a pink background to keep that retro feel going.

I thought it came out kind of cute.

I also participated in a swap over at Teresa's Blog: The Altered Paper.
The theme was Lady in a Hat.

This is the card I made.

Using plain white card stock as my base I added tissue paper that had roses printed on it. I added a burgundy background in which I had punched the corners. Then I added my young lady and embellished her hat with feathers and vintage paper flowers.

I thought that one turned out quite lovely.

Well, break times over, and I have to get back to working on this room.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

And the Answer is!

Hello evfurryone,

I'm here while Pellie & Sir Knight get ready to leave me to go Auction Hunting - well at least I got a few friends here and we can practice our 4 part harmony. Yep that was the answer to yesterdays first Mind Stretch Game.

The next answers are as follows - so listen up:
1-C, 2-A, 3-B, 4-E, 5-D

It will be a bit boring while they're gone - but when they come home I always have so many cool things to smell and check out.

Hope you have a great weekend


Friday, August 12, 2011

Finally Friday

Hello everyone,
I bet you haven't really given it much thought - but did you know that today starts Kool-Aid Days, in Hastings Nebraska. They set up the largest Kool-Aid stand offering at least 12 flavors and celebrate the fact that this kid approved summer drink was invented right there in Hastings in 1927. Hit on this years logo above to learn more about Kool-Aid and how it came to be.

And while your enjoying a time out and a glass of Kool-Aid - I offer you a few Mind stretch games - from the Calender I had with the same name back when I was still teaching.

Easy peasy. Right?

Maybe a little more challenging. Maybe not.

Genghis will post the answers tomorrow - as I'll be out to an auction.

Have a great weekend


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Hey evfurryone,

I know it's suppose to be wordless Wednesday - but you know me - I do love to talk.

Temporarily - the temperature has fallen - the humidity is gone and all is well in my world.

I might even let my chipmunk friend roam free today if he comes by. But then again . . .?


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Friend the Chipmunk / Birthday Goodies

Hi evfurryone,

There I was soaking up a few rays of sun and enjoying the cool breeze we have going for us today and then I heard it. Yep Pellie sat down at the computer to do a post today. Hurmp!!!! she never turned the computer on so I could post yesterday -said she had a real bad headache - so I lost my day to post???? I don't think so. I'm just jumping in here right on top of hers.
What I wanted to show you all if I had posted yesterday was this cute little chipmunk who lives in our yard.

It's not a real good picture - because we couldn't get to close or he'd run off. I guess he thought with our grass so dry and brown I wouldn't notice him - but notice him I did.

And in case your wondering - No. I didn't chase him out of the yard. It was too hot and humid that particular day to even chase dreams.

So he was free to live a few more days. Trouble is I haven't seen him at all today and I would have given chase today. Oh Well! Such is life.

Oooopppps. Here comes Pellie. Gotta go. See you tomorrow.



Hello everyone.

Still trying to do a little catch up here. _ "the Hurrier I go the Behinder I get". so I've just been working at this nice and easy like.

So let let me show you all the goodies I got for my Birthday - I sure was spoiled.

Sir Knight bought me some new fine point markers - I can use in creating my ATC's. Lots of colors to choice from now.

He also took me out and wined me and dined me more times than I can remember.


Hugs and Kisses Hunny.
From my Son and his Family I got the original DVD of the Clash of the Titans. I really liked the old version better than the remake - so I really like this. They also bought me a couple bags of Twizzlers (my all time favorite candy) I just didn't take a picture of that.

Thanks so much to all of you. You really know what I like.

From my Niece and her Family; I got this wonderful collection of Fairy and tea cup accessories. I'm planning on turning those two cute books into my art journals for 2012 and will certainly have fun with the other great items.

Thank you guys for everything It fits me to a T.

From my Brother and Sister-in-Law I got some really cool note cards, a glamorous necklace, a cool new photo album - and a collection of the cutest cards around, which incidentally had gift card inside. Whooo Hwoooo. Once it cools down a bit I'm ready to go shopping.

I forgot to include this cute little mouse figurine that was also in the box from my brother. He was so cute - I put him up on display the moment I opened his box.

Thanks for all the cool stuff - you spoiled me beyond measure.

Love you.
From my friend Karla, over at Miss Peach's I got this really beautiful digital art picture she made for me. Isn't it just gorgeous. I love it. In fact I printed it out and am going to frame it and put it in my bedroom.

I'll stop before this gets too long.

Please have a wonderful week.


PS I see Genghis got in here when I was out hanging clothes and put his post right on top of mine. That little stinker.

Friday, August 5, 2011

This & That

Hello Everyone,

It's been pretty quiet around - since Genghis headed off to Bora Bora yesterday - so I spent most of the day today busy in the craft room.

Around 7:30pm when Sir Knight Headed out to water the garden look who he spotted. He never even made it inside - sound asleep on the chair on the front porch. When disturbed he said that he only came back to check if we missed him yet; and he was going right back - but he was still snoozing out there an hour later at 8:30pm. I guess he has been partying real hard and needed to rest up a bit before going back. As I write this post he is no longer on the chair - so I guess he's on his way back to Sun, Sand, Nip and Friends.

With the Start of a new month it was time to pick a new self-care card for myself. This month I chose ACTION. The words of wisdom on the back says..."Take Action. The journey to find your lost self begins with one step."

Look at this great picture I got for $2.00 at the Auction last Saturday. It's called Wedded to Science and was a giveaway from Merille Pharmaceuticals. I know it looks kind of dark and macabre - which is probably why it was so poorly taken care of. But I'm hoping to get it cleaned up and re-framed to put in our Library by the end of this weekend.

Yesterday I received these ATC cards from Miss Peaces Mom, Karla; as we did our own private Circus Swap. As you can see she used part of an Animal Crackers box to hold the ATC's. Now isn't that just the cleverest idea. I Love it.

These are the cards all tied up in a pretty bow. The top card says "Life Is A Three Ring Circus"
and has a great picture of Emmet Kelly.

When you get it all untied each card is mounted together like a book and has copies of many wonderful old circus poster. So Neat.

Here is one of the cards I made for Karla - Of course there has to be clowns and this happy group is all crammed together in one wagon. If you look carefully - you'll notice Sir Knight in two of his Persona flanking Pellie on both sides and even Genghis had to get into the act. I included a couple of my instructors from Clown Camp as well as some art work clowns - to round out this Merry Crew.

Although you will rarely find me doing duplicates - I was so taken with this cute little elephant coloring page - that I colored him up for a second time with different accent colors and like the first time I titled it Elephun.

In this card the mighty King of Beast is awaiting his time to perform - stuck in a cage wagon.
While it may be a cage at least I made it roomy and real snazzy looking. His bars are white glitter paper.

And of course One final shot of all three cards together.

Well I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open - so I guess I best go wash the glue and glitter off of my hands and get ready for bed.

Sir Knight will have us up bright and early to check out another auction tomorrow.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Heading Off For a Day of Fun in the Sun

Hello evfurry one,

My friends over at Jans Funny Farm told me everybody was heading down to Bora Bora - for a day of Fun in the sun - since Gracie is having an open house today. So I thought to myself, what the heck Pellie hasn't been very good about letting me post or visit lately - soooooooo I might as well just go have fun and visit with everyone in person and maybe even make a few new friends or two.

Excuse while i find our hostess so I can thank her and find out what kind of accommodations she procured for everyone.

Oh there she is.

Hey Gracie -I'm pleased to make your acquaintance - this is such a cool idea. What have you got planned for the day or are we mostly just gonna be chillin'?

Yep. Nope. Yep COOL.

That's great. Ok, I'll catch you later - when I'm settled in.

This is my digs for today - I'm way out on the water - but I don't mind I'm young and have strong legs so I don't mind the long walk to and from the beach.

Check this out!!!
Who's afraid of water? Not me.

The Island is great - come join us.