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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A few little ATC's

Hello everyone,

As you know I just love making these little ATC's ; even when working in such a small format is hard on these old eyes of mine , as well as these old hands.
They are so addicting you just can't do one - so you make sure you have enough partners to swap with.
Karla from Misses Peach's Meowz and Sketchbooks ATC Mail Art and I swap privately between us. For August, Karla really wanted to do a beach scene - me living here in the land locked Midwest not so much - so we compromised and settled on a theme of By the Waters Edge.

The picture above is the card I made. I titled it "Stream Dreams in Sepia". I worked this card mostly digital.. I started with a color picture of a great mountain stream and gathered my extra pieces which I wanted to cut and paste into my scene. Well the colors from all those different sources didn't play well together, so I decided I'd have to switch everything over to Sepia. It worked out - they were more cohesive and worked well together. To give a little extra depth to the picture - the Adirondack chair was carefully cut out and applied with pop dots. as well as one of the clumps of trees. Then I just added some glitter and called it quits.

I really liked the way it turned out and during all that hot humid weather we had this last summer -I was really dreaming of a vacation at such a nice spot. But alas - Sir Knight really didn't have any vacation time to use.

Our September theme was Back to School - which I thought would be fun -and none of the other swap groups were using it.

So here is the card I made. I worked this card both digitally and manually. First I found a cute picture of a classroom in a vintage school book. I digitally manipulated the picture to put the welcome back to school on the black board as well as the teachers name and grade. The bulletin board to the right of the teachers desk was not so easy for me to manipulate digitally so I printed the picture I had cleaned up and manipulated so far as an 8 by 10. Cut out the inside of the bulletin board used a piece of cork Slid in behind the picture, made my divider for my bookworms board and slid my boy and girl characters into the cork.. When every thing was as I wanted it - I scanned the whole thing back into the computer; reduced the size to wallet and printed it out. I mounted it on Black with white polka dot a scrapbook paper, added the ribbon and apple and called it a masterpiece.

I also made this little backpack card - on which I added the earrings I used for my boy and girl characters and sent them off to Karla as well.

At the auction we went to right before I sent out my cards - I found this cute little school girl and had to have her - as she reminded me of pictures I had seen of Karla herself as a little schoolgirl.
So I sent it along as well.

Now I best get back to my Halloween creating or clean up the craft room.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Never too early for Halloween

Hello everyone,

I can not believe it's been two weeks since I last stop by this here blog and visited with all of you.

I really don't have any excuse why I've been gone - just getting lackadaisical in my old age I guess. But then who can blame me - the weather is nice and cool - the leaves are starting to turn and Autumn will soon be here. I love this time of year and I have certainly been enjoying it's inviting reprieve from the scorching heat we had this summer.

I am also a little preoccupied with the class I sign up to take at our local collage. It's an Adobe Photoshop Elements Basic course. My self and one older gentleman are the only seniors in a class full of young mothers - who want to learn Photoshop Elements to enhance their scrapbooking. And those young minds are grasping this stuff a whole lot easier than I am -so I have to work hard on it here at home. Keep practicing and maybe I'll get it down pat.

I wanted to share with you some spooky Halloween ATC's. The Swap for September over at The Altered Paper blog was Halloween - which is sooooooo much fun to create for.

This is the ATC I received from my partner April Cole. Isn't it just the cutest thing. Thank you so much for being such a great partner . -I love my card. Check out April's blog here.

All the items that Mr. Mailman brought from April. So cool. -I know she didn't know this but I am addicted to candy corn; for eating and for decorating. ( Another good reason I love this time of year.)

Here is the card that I made for April. I started with a kind of orangey marble background that was free a the Plush Possum Studio blog - overlayed a rather transparent cemetery scene over it. Added my text and then cut out this cute cat (the original was a flocked cut out that I bought for my first Halloween Party way back in 1960, which I scanned into my computer and shrunk him down to fit on the card.) I then added the little pumpkins and ghost.

So what do you think? I liked it - sure hope April liked it as well.

Here is the card I made to accompany my ATC on it's trip to April's house.

Had a howling good time creating this one.

Now I need to get back to work on my Photoshop Elements homework for the week.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shiver me Timbers

Arggggh Matey,

Captain Ghenghis Khat, aboard the good Ship Catmint on a special Mission of privatering for Her Majesty Good Queen Bess.. In case you didn't know that's pirating that is sanction by the Queen herself - against enemies of the country.

I can't tell you anything about our mission - because - then I'd have to kill you.

The good ship Catmint for you to color.

Meow like a pirate you scurvy dog or I'll make you walk the plank.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Gypsy Dreams Blog Hop

Hello everyone,
Today I am joining in on the Gypsy Dreams Blog Hop, hosted by Gypsy Dreams Blog.

Welcome. Pull up your wagon, join the fun and enjoy.

Deep in the Ancient forest, I wander.
The terra firma, rich beneath my feet,
Emit’s the heady fragrance of clean unpolluted earth,
Enriched only by years of fallen leaves.

A slight chill in the air,
and a few leaves turned to a golden color,
The only sign that fall will soon be upon us;
to offer a vibrant Kaleidoscope of colors.

I stop to rest - a fallen log - my seat.
I ponder my existence -
From where I came &
to where I am going.

Pulled out of my reverie -
by the soulful refrain played on a old violin.
I am surprised to behold a Caravan of Wagons
And people busy in the task of setting up a camp.

A warm fire entices me closer.
Faces show signs of mistrust,
Dark piercing eyes stare
Deep into my soul.

Finally a nod of approval.
We share a kinship, They and & I.
For I am witch.

Since the beginning of time. . .

. . .“Kishani I Romani
Adoi San’ i Chav’ hani.”
“Wherever gypsies go
There the witches are, we know.”

Welcomed to a seat round the campfire,
The violin soon picks up a faster beat.
Women start to spill from the wagons,
dressed in jewel tone hues of red, green & purple.

They dance and twirl like a frenzied leaf
on it’s way to the ground on a windy day
One girl grasp me firmly by the hand
soon I have joined in this twirling and swaying.

My soul has found it’s rhythm,
Buried deep inside me.
I dance till my feet ach,
And my legs refuse to hold me upright.

The moon rides high in the late night sky
We retreat to the warmth and comfort of the wagons.
We talk of the wheel of life
And many other magical things.

As the sun start it’s climb over the horizon.
I know I must head back to the familiar;
To my dear husband, Sir Knight,
as well as Genghis Khat.

Entrusted with some of their knowledge
I bid farewell to my new friends.
Back through the ancient forest,
Home again. Filled with wonderful memories,
And Gypsy Dreams

Thank you all for stopping by.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Guess what's New at the Art Institute of Chicago,

"Living up to his namesake, the mighty Genghis Khan, - Genghis Khat has proved himself over and over again to be a strong warrior and a great hunter. His latest conquest immortalized here in oil - is thrilling art lovers across Chicagoland. Plan on making a trip now - to view this wonderful picture."

Hello evfurryone,
Isn't this just the greatest news you've heard today? I am so proud that Pellie and Sir Knight took such a great picture of my war with the moth; and that it was good enough to have done in a larger proportion in a totally different media; all to showcase my great skills. And put it in a museum as well - isn't that just the coolest.

Opps time for me to nap - in case they need me for a press conference later. Ta Ta for now.


Hey guys,

Pellie here, just wanted to share this picture- It's kind of the behind the scenes from that days hunt. Looks like he's not quit sure what to do with it now that he caught it.

Oh yeah! Please don't tell Genghis - but I made that picture up at a Free Online Photo Manipulation site. (It's not really at a museum.) But he is so thrilled thinking it is that I hate to tell him otherwise.