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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweeen

Hello evfurryone,
This man cat Monday is in honor of my brofur Dale and all the other cute Black Halloween Cats out there.

Hope you all have a great time this Halloween -whether your out playing beneath the autumn sky or staying warm and toasty in your house.
Yea I know this spider has nothing to do with black cats - I just thought it was cool.

Pellie bought this card when she & Sir Knight only had Dale. She says it reminds her of him every time see looks at it.

I'm still on Pellie watch - so - I'll be warm inside tonight.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Beware Movie Monsters on the Prowl

Hello Everyone,

The theme for October over at the Blissful ATC Swap was Movie Monsters. - How fun is that for an art theme?

The terrific card above of the ever good looking monster of Frankenstein is the one I received from my partner Jane over at Anything but... Plain Jane Blog. Thank you so much Jane I really Love my New ATC.

I really liked watching Creature Features on Friday Nights and Frankie was always one of my favorite monsters.

To the more modern taste in horror movies - I suppose these were too hokey - but it's what I grew up on and quite frankly I really have a hard time stomaching all the blood and guts stuff that passes for horror now.

Here is all the goodies Jane sent along with her Card. Thank you so much for you generosity.

Here are all the goodies together in one picture.

One of my other Favorite creatures - growing up - was the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
so that is who I created my ATC about.

I layered different colors & levels of tissue paper for the lagoon, the beach and the land to give my card texture and a bit of depth. I used dots to raise my creature to look as if he was coming out of the lagoon. Added a little moss to give it that Amazon Jungle look. I really thought he came out rather nice. - If I can be so bold to use the term nice and creature all in the same sentence.

Here is the picture of the card I made to accompany my ATC on it's trip. I sure hope Jane liked it.

Well I need to get back to bed - I really am hoping to be better soon - so I can get back to visiting with all of you wonderful friends.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All Most Wordless Wednesday

Hi Evfurryone,

I'm still busy on Pellie Patrol - today I picked me a closer vantage point - under Sir Knight's pillow. I won't miss a thing from here and won't have to go far if she needs me.


Monday, October 17, 2011


Hello Evfurryone,

Wow! Here it is Monday already. I was just sitting here giving some real thought to what I wanted to be for Halloween and I just can't decide. Robin Hood - Captain America - so many cool hero's but which one to choose Any ideas or suggestions that you might be able to offer me would certainly be appreciated.

Well this post is going to be short - since Pellie is sick - and of course it is my job to take care of her while Sir Knight is at work, so I really can't dally here on the computer too long.

One of these days I'll be able to visit more.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Good morning

The graphic above is from a terrific site I found called Magical Graphics - check them out.

Good morning everyone,

The time at the tone is 5:07 AM and what the heck am I doing up and out of bed this early?
I sure as heck don't know. - Don't you just hate it when you wake up real early and can't fall back to sleep? I know I do.
No use crying about it - just use the time to get a bit of blogging and visiting in.

Way back in September when I was participating in the Gypsy Dreams Blog Hop - I entered a giveaway over at Laura's blog the Crafty Little Woman ( read her Gypsy post here.) Guess what - I won. Yipee!!!!

My prize was here waiting for me - when Sir Knight and I returned from our previously mentioned long weekend away from home. But my also mentioned upper respiratory bug has made life miserable for me and I have been very lacks at getting news posted.

So at this time I would Like to share with all of you - my wonderful prize.
Drum roll please. >>>>>>

This gorgeous bracelet is now mine - all mine. Isn't it pretty? I love it and am waiting till I feel better so I can get out and about and enjoy wearing it.
Laura also sent that wonderful tag along with the bracelet. Thank you so Much for your generosity Laura; I really do love and appreciate it.

Watching Genghis sleep -is making me sleepy - so I think I'll try to catch a few more ZZZ - before I really start my day in earnest.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pretties that arrived from afar

Hello everyone,
The Last week in September - Sir Knight and I took a Long Weekend away from home. We arrived home late Sunday evening tired by happy.

That euphoria was short lived however - as by Monday evening I was deep into a full blown upper respiratory infection. (Runny nose, barky cough and tight chest plus the usual aches and pains that accompany it.)

My cough is much better and my chest is only a little bit tight - but now I have laryngitis.
( A blessing to Sir Knight ears maybe - but not so good for my overall mood and general disposition)

On the lighter side -when I arrived home there was a box from my friend Karla (check out her art blog here) waiting for me. The mosaic above show you just a glimpse of how pretty everything looked - before I started in ripping off all the wrappings. Karla sure has a knack for pretty and as much as I hated messing with perfection - I was way to nosey to see what was in store fore me inside - to linger to long with the wrappings.

You might remember that when Karla and I started trading ATC's privately, among our selves -I made her a cute little box to hold the cards she would receive from me.

Well Karla liked that idea so much that she made me a special box to hold the cards she makes for me.

This is the beautiful box she made for me. Isn't it just gorgeous. My pictures don't quite do it justice but I'm sure you get an idea how awesome it is. Thank you so much Karla - it is truly a work of heart.

Here is the the inside of the box - again so pretty and look at all the goodies that lay inside waiting for me to open them.

Our Theme for August's ATC was "At the Water Edge" so Karla made me this wonderful beach scene card. I love the wonderful play of the colors and check out the miniature shells - so darn cute.

The September theme was back to school and here is Karla's card - a sure winner in my book.

Here is an extra gifty that Karla sent me. A stunning ATC made from the petal of Rainbow roses. Isn't that butterfly something else. I love it.

Way back when we first started to swap I sent Miss Peach & Hunny Bunny some Pitter Pat's - so that before the years end we could alter the tin for each other.

Karla was really on the ball - cuz she finished hers already, and isn't it just so gorgeous. Hard to believe it once held cat treats.

The inside of the box is just as beautiful. and comes complete with two little fur friends nestled in the bottom. I love it so much.

She also sent me this super cool card of Kittens with beads on top of the whole card.

In the bottom drawer of the box is a tag that says do not open till Halloween - so I await the end of the month with baited breath to see her October ATC's.

Trying to do a post when your not feeling well is certainly an experience -after having to reload my photo's 3 times- due to my clumsy fingers - I am happy to say I've finished for the day and now plan on crawling back into bed.

I will be around to visit everyone later after I rest up a bit.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Mancat Monday.

Oh Hi Evfurryone,

I was just headed in to do my post after a wonderful early morning romp outside.

We have been very busy around here lately - but Pellie informs me I'm going to have to keep my post brief since - she and Sir Knight will be heading out to get some much needed shopping done.

Since I like to eat and I know my supply of stinky goodness is really way down -I best not keep them to long.

So From Pellie, Sir Knight and myself -we hope that you have a great Columbus day.