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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hello everyone,

Good Morning and the best of wishes for the first official day of Spring.

Over the weekend our weather was stunning, the sun was shining and the temperature was in the 80's - Today is not so nice. It is overcast - threatening to rain at any minute and a chilly temp in the 60's.

But then again it is still March - so we have to be ready for anything.

Since it was so nice over the weekend Sir Knight and I head out and about to do a little shopping and lots of browsing. Of course we just had to stop by the Goodwill and was so happy we did.
Because I happened upon something I didn't even know I needed. (Isn't that always the way, though.)

Let me explain. In the north half of my craft is a ceiling fan. I haven't found a chandelier to replace it yet - so there it stays. I hate fans of any sort - that air blowing on me is hard on my old joints. But since most of my time is spent in the south half of the craft room - I tolerate it.
It has been kind of a love hate relation between me and that fan, and besides I can control whether the fan is turned on or not. What I couldn't stand were the rather ugly shades on the lights. Very utilitarian and did I mention they were rather ugly.

Here they are in all their glory.

See what I mean. What has prevented me from buying something new, you ask? Well, nothing except I'm really kind of cheap and hate to spend the kind of money I was seeing on the ones at Menard's and Lowe's.

Oh my, but just look what I found at the Goodwill and for only $1.38 each. now that is more my price range.

They are frosted on top and have more of a flower shape. And the funny part is that using the same watt bulb - they seem to give off a heck of a lot more light than those ugly ones did.

I am such a happy camper with my new thrift store purchase - So very glad their previous owner tired of them.

So happy I didn't even mind stopping to pick up the Catnip seeds for Genghis; which made him a very happy camper.

So around here despite the weather; we are: Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

I best run off and get a few things done today.

Once again Happy Spring to all of you.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Victory Dreams

Hello evfurryone,

Did you see that first picture. Yep! Catnip seeds. Pellie and Sir Knight brought these home from their weekend shopping spree. (they bought other things too, but this was all I was interested in.)

All my pouting and protesting paid off. Cat's Rule.

Now I can rest easy knowing that our new garden will be complete.

I Hope all of you have a super terrific week.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Grumpy on Mancat Monday

Hello evfurryone.

We got more of that icky cold white stuff this weekend - and Pellie took to her bed for a little while in pain - which left me and Sir Knight with the dilemma of what to do and still be quiet.

Then it came to us - it was time to think about the Spring Garden. We decided that this year we would enlarge it - so we could increase our harvest potential.

We knew what we wanted to plant - so it was just a matter of getting it all down in black and white.

Mary, Mary - how does your garden grow? Ours will have beets and leeks, as well as tomatoes, banana peppers and bell peppers, with a few herbs thrown in for good measure.

We will be doubling the size of the garden -so Pellie demanded a walk in the center so she wouldn't have to climb into the garden when it comes time to weed or harvest. So that gave us room for the herb garden. They really like this plan and can't wait for Spring to sprung so we can get busy.

Oh, In case your wondering why - why I'm looking so grumpy in the first picture. Do you see any catnip seeds - or is it included in the plans. Noooooooooooooo. and I was very clear to Sir Knight the there must be Catnip.

I guess I'm going to have to give him the cold shoulder for a while till he gets the picture that I'm upset about that lack of catnip.

I'm off to my favorite sulking spot - for a nap.