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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Raining but, Little Pellie, plays anyways

Hey Evfurry one,
I've been spending some serious time outside on the porch so I have been kind of slacking on my posts - but I promise I'll do better once I get spring out of my system. I don't even mind being out when it's raining like yesterday - cuz our porch has a wide roof over it and I stay dry.

Every once in awhile I have to come to the door and check on Pellie - make sure she is doing ok.
I like my job as snoopervisor though so I don't mind jumping down from my chair every now & then.

Hello everyone,
It rained all day yesterday - so i worked in the craft room on a few art challenges.
The first challenge was from Dana over at Sinderella"s Studio. Her challenge was to create a postcard size piece that exemplified the phrase "Take Flight" . I really had to work hard at this one; after many false starts and stops and redo's I finally came up with this.

Next was Gail's challenge at Mind Wide Open. This was the picture she gave us to use.
On June 1st, when she gave it to us my brain just couldn't seem to get into that dark background, and I was really thinking of not participating. The word prompt was grow, so that was no help to me either.

Yesterdays rain must have put me in a melancholy enough mood that all of a sudden things just started falling into place. So this is what I finally created
Well, I see I should never get up out of my seat while I'm posting - Genghis upstaged me once again.

Hope every one is having a good week.



Brian said...

I can only imagine that you have such a good time on the porch, we're not allowed out at all!

Eric and Flynn said...

It is nice to get out in your porch for some fresh air.We don't like when it keeps raining though.

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

I like how you lightened Gail's pic - I looked at it and - was - wow, so dark!! You know I love the entry to the Sinderella challenge!
good luck!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

p.s. Genghis, want you to know I am still using my journal! Dana has taken some cool pics and paw prints that have gone into it!
Woof, Sophie