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Friday, July 31, 2009

Heartfelt Thanks and Doily Butterflies

Hello Everyone,
Be still my beating heart! - I was so surprised and thrilled with all the visitors I had come to "The Shed".
I want to thank each and every one of you, who took time out of your busy day to come and visit with me. Your comments warmed my heart and were so greatly appreciated.

The 25th happened to be my birthday, and Sir Knight and I always head out to Bristol Wisconsin, for the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Haven't missed it in 7 years now. We both enjoy our time spent there in the 16th century - rubbing shoulders with Good Queen Bess, members of her court, and brave knights at the Joust.
We left a little later on Friday than Sir Knight would have liked - because I just had to visit a few of the wonderful studios before we left - but he took it in his stride. Our reservations at the Motel were checked and double checked to make sure that they had internet access so that I would not miss too much of the fun and merriment of this blog party. I did experience some difficulty leaving messages for some of you. I would type it all out list that I had a google account and poof - nothing - it never posted, never did anything but sit there on my computer. I presumed there was something wrong with my laptop - so I even tried it on the motels computer and still nothing. I tried again when I got home late Sunday and it was the same thing. So if you came and visited me and I appear to be totally lacking in social good graces and have not replied to you, I do apologize. I did try. I even tried to send a few of you an e-mail. Just not sure if you received them or if they went into your junk folder.
Once again I want to thank each and every one of you for the visit and the kind words.

This morning I went to a few Garage Sales and although it was not a real prosperous day I did find a few doilies that I liked - so I brought them home, washed them up and then applied Heavy starch to them so they hold up for the little project I had in mind.
I then gathered my pipe cleaners.wire cutters and a few hair clips.
I had small heart shaped and small round doilies in both white and cream. Cut my pipe cleaners down to wrap around the doily and make antenna. On the large doily I used a 6 inch piece and on the smaller ones I used a 3 inch pipe cleaner
This project idea has been around for quite some time but just in case you haven't seen it done -I had Sir Knight shoot a few pictures as I was making them to sort of give you an idea. I fan folded the middle of the doily.
then wrapped the pipe cleaner around it and twisted the pipe cleaner together at the top.
and there you have it a sweet little butterfly to decorate the shed.
I slid a medium size hair clip in the back of the pipe cleaner.
Doing the same with the round doily.
All finished and ready to decorate.
Clipped onto my curtain &
onto my all purpose aqua tree
and on the neckline of my Tudor Gown.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome To My Studio

Good Morning!
And once again welcome to my studio. It has been a work in progress for what seems like way to long. But I feel it is ready for its big reveal- just in time for Karen’s “Where Bloggers CreateParty. Do come in grab yourself some refreshments and let me show you around.
My studio once upon a time only did service as a breezeway; a simple passage between the main part of the house and the garage. Oh it had furniture and it was appointed nicely but it was hardly ever used. Now this is the sight you see as you walk in the door. Certainly more friendly and inviting.
The big coral piece is a shoe box that my husband made to coral all the unrulely shoes that used to be all over the place when the grandchildren came to visit. The picnic basket on top of it holds & keeps extra storage containers handy.
What’s that? - Yes I use the clear plastic shoe boxes to store some of my assorted supplies in, from lace to colored tissue paper and unused scraps of empherma. Smaller Glad containers also on the clear side hold a few of the real small supplies or those that I only keep in limited supply.
The self above the windows hold part of my angel collection as well as a few of my bears & hares.
My Pink chandelier is one of my favorite pieces. Don't you just love it?
The first parts of my make over can be found here if you are interested . Three supply cabinets purchased at Target were shimmed and permanently mounted to the walls to avoid any threat of tipping since my concrete floor tends to slopes inward. My husband built the shelf units above the utility cabinets - over 8ft of space on the one side. (Yippe !!! Lots more space for my bears & hares collection as well.) He also built a little barn to hold my sewing/crafting table; so it could tuck away neatly in place when not in use. Above the barn is a little barn built to hold the sewing machine.(its hidden from view in this picture by my all purpose aqua tree)
An old forlorn desk we purchased a few years before was given a face lift via a new coat of white paint and then covered with polyacrylic to withstand anything I may throw at it when I’m creating. A mirror in a pretty frame ( good Feng Shui ) to see who enters a room when your back is to the door. My embossing powder and glitters stored in pretty salt & pepper shakers; and Albert Einstein to keep me company and expound on the merits of imagination.

The wicker furniture which previously inhabited this room was moved around; the chairs were moved by the north window as a little sitting area where my husband and/ or friends can sit enjoy the fish tank in the little alcove, read the paper or visit with me. The little love seat stayed put and is for when I am taking a reading break or talking on the phone.

A small shelving unit I had in my office when I was teaching was also given a fresh coat of white paint, as well as an old china cabinet which my dear husband reworked into my computer cabinet. . He was also called upon to build the built in units which flank my windows on the south side of the house. Room was left for my old cedar chest which also received a couple coats of paint and is used to hold a portion of my fabric stash.
Since this is the room all our guest see first _ I do strive to keep it neat and organized but like most of you I don’t always succeed. It is very hard to craft and create neatly. This is the view you see when my work table is out of its barn and ready for work. We stenciled vines, hummingbirds, butterflies and bugs on most of the furniture as you can see.
This is a view with my guest chair out from its storage place between the wicker bookcase and the storage unit. Its always more fun to create with friends.
This is what usually happens at the shed. You know the old saying about "if you want the best seat in the house- you have to move the cat." Well it sure is true around here, as soon as I stand up Genghis takes my chair and I use the guest chair.

I decorated it in a garden theme since that was kind of what was in here before and I did like the idea just never pulled it off with those dark walls. Now it’s light and airy in here and I can sit in my ‘garden shed’ with all my furry friends real and stuffed, all year long. A change in the artificial as well as the real flowers and a few of the other pieces keeps me in tune with the current season unfolding outside my windows.

I know your in a hurry to move on to the next studio on the list so I want to thank you for coming by and hope you enjoyed your self here with me.

See you at the other sites.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sanguine Sunday

Pellie calls this picture "A Loving View"

Meow, Meow all,
I'm up really early so I thought that I'd take a few minutes before I wake everyone else up - to share a few pictures that Sir Knight took of me as I wandered around the yard and porch yesterday. Pellie says that they are "just too cute" - Pleazzzzzzzzzzz. I'm the cute one not these pictures. But I must admit that as I peek through the heart cutouts on the porch railing I do make for a striking picture. Maybe I should become a model when I grow up?

I just have to share some important information that I learned while purrrrrrrrroussing the catblogosphere.

According to "Miss Peach Meowz" - today is World Cat Day. I actually thought everyday was world cat day but I guess I was mistaken; any ways I guess I'm going to plan on celebrating by just lazing around the house and doing nothing.
At least I will be lazy till 3:00 pm then I am joining "ConfusiousCat" a very wise fellow indeed & coordinator of purrs for peace. As part of Project Purrs for Peace - today at 3 we will be purring that the Troops may have Peace. We are hoping that this will be effective since science has finally figured out what we cats have always known. We have a special purr that we use to manipulate - err I mean influence our human companions, we just hope we can get enough purrs going to influence the humans in charge of the troops.

On a final note. - - Three would be world conquerors - Hitler, Napoleon, and Alexander the Great - were ailurophobes. Never and I mean never trust a man who has a phobia against cats!

Have a great day.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Rain, Dust Bunnies and a Certain Famous Bunny

Just thought I'd share my collection with you.

Hello everyone,
It's been raining all morning, so I decided it was a perfect day to start cleaning up my shed/studio for Karen's " Studio" reveal party on the 24th of July.
While vacuuming and dusting I couldn't help but notice my growing collection by a certain Country Artist, Beatrix Potter. I Love Peter Rabbit, always have. Many of her other characters are charming - Benjamin Bunny, Flopsy and their children The Flopsy Bunnies -Tom Kitten - Mrs Tiggy-Winkle -Squirrel Nutkin just to name a few; but I love Peter the most.
While the fame of other children's character's rise and fall with the fickleness of the consumer Peter Rabbit has become a timeless friend who still lives the heart of many people young and old alike.
I think when I take a break I'll pop in a tape and watch a few of my favorites.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July Challenge Project

This was the picture we were given to use for our challenge this month & the word was contentment
This is what I made.

Hello Everyone,
Since I am a nesting type of person - the idea of contentment - centers on my home. I am most content when I am home surrounded by my favorite things. But how do I show that?

With an idea finally in mind for this months challenge; I printed the picture on fabric. - I made two cardboard hearts large enough to fit the fairy. I then cut out one of the cardboard hearts and covered with the printed fabric. The other heart was covered with a solid teal fabric. I used a pretty lace and sandwiched it between the two cardboard pieces. The opening in the center of the two hearts is filled with excelsior to imitate a nest, then a small bird is added, and last of all I added flowers and a single feather. (Ta-da - my feathered nest.)

Well that's my project for Mind Wide Open for July, hope you like it. Stop by and view all the other entries here. And be sure to vote for your favorite.


Monday, July 6, 2009

I've joined another Party!

Hello everyone,
Even though I haven't posted anything about my new crafty shed/ studio in a long time; Sir Knight and I have been working very diligently and are almost finished. So I decided joining Karen's Party would be the perfect time and place for my official unveil. So please join me then.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Wishing you a Happy and Blessed 4th of July

In case you cant read it this it what is written across the photograph:
What we obtain too cheap, we esteem to lightly:
It is dearness only that gives everything its value.
Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its
goods, and it would be strange indeed, if so celestial
an article as Freedom should not be highly rated...
Thomas Paine

Fourth of July
By Betty W. Staffel

Let there be prayers as well as great parades,
Let hymns combine with patriotic songs,
Let there be leaders of the future days,
With heroes of the past amid the throngs.
Let reverent silence punctuate the noise,
Let God be praised for this great land of ours,
Let sober meditation balance joys
And grave humility mark crucial hours.

Let statesmanship grow from this nation’s need,
Let citizenship be equal to these days,
That godly men who gave their lives indeed
Be not betrayed by dull, indifferent ways
Let joyfulness, not wildness mark the free,
That God may find us worth our liberty!

Taken from ”America, My Country” published by Ideals publication

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Playing Tag

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday was a rather productive day. I read this library book.
And then proceeded to try my novice hand at making tags and this is what I came up with.

For my first time - I didn't think I did too bad.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Party Lost

T’was the night before
The Hatter’s Tea Party,
And all through the house -
Not a creature was stirring
Not even the White Rabbit.

The Dormouse was nestled
Asleep in a pot and
the hatters shirt ironed
so it wouldn’t
Be forgot.

Sir Knight in his kerchief
And I in my cap, had just
Settled down for a
long summers nap.

When what to our accosted ears
Should we hear - but the
Jarring jangle of a late night call.
Away to the
Telephone we flew like a flash.

Stubbing my toe
and almost breaking a lamp.
Bad News I fear -
With a loved one so dear..

While packing a few items
For the trip,
Hatter and March Hare
Start giving us lip.

The decorations are ready
And so is the cake
If we have no party
Our hearts will ache.

Boohoo cries poor dormouse.
What of Vanessa
And all of our guest?

Sorry fella’s we say
in genuine dismay -
We will join again next year
if she hosts party three.

Last thing to do was inform Vanessa
Of our fervent regrets & let her
Remove our name from her party list-
So that none would be disappointed
At dropping by a non party site.

Hello everyone,
Well here, I am again. - Sorry I have been gone so long.
My absence from my blog can not be totally blamed on serendipity or a busy schedule. I had some soul searching I needed to do, so that I could decide if I should continue blogging. And to be honest I'm still not sure. But I'm here right now anyway.