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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

National Running Day

Hello Evfurryone,
Genghis here again.
Today is National Running Day and while Pellie may be a bit too old and pudgy to run; I'm not. So I figured it is my duty to tell you about this great form of exercise; here is what their website has to say.

"It's all about that first step! Running is an incredibly healthy, easy, and accessible form of exercise. Whether it’s five minutes, 15 minutes, or 45 minutes, every little bit of time spent running makes a difference in the goal to live healthy, happy, and heart strong."

I work hard at keeping trim and well muscled - I did all my running around this morning - I was like the flash here, there, everywhere, up stairs and down and now it's time for a nap.



Anonymous said...

PAWesome! Mom wants to apologize (AGAIN) for for NOT having uploaded the pictures YET! We are about to put an add in the paper for new help! She kept saying that with the holiday weekend, she was too bizy...she promises tomorrow night and will do the post on Friday!

Brian said...

We must get lots of exercise, we run through the house day and night!

Jackie said...

Teacups, Kitty Khats and hats...what more could make our heart sing?

I'm cleaning my happy room to make room for more happy. Having some fun over on my blog...a little Cupcake Walk for the fun of it!

Raining khats and dawgs in Washington...a good night to be cozy and eat comfort food...tuna fish for all!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

i can't believe I missed Running Day - I have done several 1/3 marathons and in 2000 completed a full 26.2 - one of my moments of pride. Since - knees have caved and just 2 miles is been a challenge lately - I do call myself a runner because I try - but I am really a plodder!!! Now, Sophie, she is a runner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

p.s. - did you enter my challenge???????????

Beedeebabee said...

Such a cute kitty! xo