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Monday, May 31, 2010

My 4th Teacup Tuesday

Hello everyone,
I hope that you all had a nice weekend; Ours was quite pleasant. We spent some time visiting with old friends( which was great fun), worked in the garden (not so much fun as satisfying),slept late(heavenly) and basically just relaxed (wonderful).

Once again I am participating in Martha and Terri's Teacup Tuesday(Just hit on Martha's name to get to the link of participants). Since I'm more rested than usual and definitely a bit mellow I thought today would be a good day for pink roses, and both these cups have them. The one shown above even has one inside the cup.

Nothing real fancy. I purchased it at an auction just because I liked the flowers. The markings are on the saucer only and say Orleans - Z. S. & C - Bavaria.

This one also was an auction purchase, I thought the roses were just so pretty.

The markings read - Made in China.

Well that's all I have to show you today - Thank you so much for dropping by - see you on your blog.

...And in the sweetness of friendship,
Let there be laughter and sharing of pleasure... Kahil Gibran


Friday, May 28, 2010


Hello everyone,
Since Memorial Day has traditionally been the day to bring out the white shoes and summer attire I thought I'd show you a few pictures of my new "Chapeau" (that's French for hat, in case you didn't know). Teehee

Well it's not new - I got it last year and it had a rather dorky, disgusting band of seashells on it.

So I fixed it up Pellie style and now I'm ready to start the summer- Pretty hat, dainty purse & Foster Grants. LOL! What more could an old lady like me need.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Teacup Tuesday

Hello Everyone,
Hope you are all having a wonderful day. Welcome to my 3rd Teacup Tuesday.

Like I said earlier I never thought I'd have a teacup collection. This first cup is one I bought at an auction and the paint is slightly worn and there were a few small hairline cracks in it. So I turned it into a very pretty Victorian style centerpiece with ribbons and roses. After ten years of using it as such, the glue I used to hold the cup to saucer just let go - so I cleaned out the flowers and the styrofoam and was going to make a bird feeder for my yard. When Sir Knight read that hot milk will make those small hairline crack unnoticeable. So I cleaned it up real good to remove all the tea stains and then did the milk thing and though its not perfect it is good enough to show off in my now growing collection
I love the blues, yellows and gold mixed with the pinks.

It is Old Royal China, England. The company established in 1848, but I'm not sure how old this particular cup is
My second cup is actually part of a snack set which I bought at an auction. I have 4 cups but only one plate. Last summer while out to a flea market - I found a bowl in the same pattern - so, of course I had to bring it home with me.

The bottom reads Bouquet by Shafford 9150.

Here again I like the blues and lavenders and how they make make those pink roses pop.

Well that's it for today. Thank you for coming by. Have a great time visiting all the other teacup collectors.


Hazardous ManCat Monday

Hello evfurryone,

Genghis here again. The temperatures turned so hot, it is really unbearable for a spoiled kitty like me to venture outside. So I decided to stay in today and try and help Sir Knight & Pellie.
But Pellie is so hyper - all she keeps muttering is that she is so behind schedule - she'll never catch up. Well I really couldn't tell you if she is or isn't behind; I can however, tell you she is bordering on being MAD, and her weird actions have turned me into a a basket case.

Seriously, do I look happy? Instead of sitting in this basket I should be using it as a helmet. At a moments notice you may have to duck and cover today. Besides what she is throwing in a pile to throw away - you'll never believe this she is building a pile of stuff to go downstairs in the annex.
I thought she said she was going to clean it up - not fill it up.

I thought she had the upstairs shed/ craft room all cleaned up the way she wanted - but nope- she has the whole thing all messed up again moving things around and making things from the projects Sir Knight and I made last week. Its so messy here in the shed that it isn't safe for man nor beast.

I have one question. Do any other humans make big messes while they try to straighten thing up? Sir Knight couldn't or wouldn't give me an answer on this one. I don't remember the garage ever looking this bad when he cleaned it - maybe it's just a girl thing.

I think I'll go hide for away. I'll visit evfurryone later when the computer isn't in a war zone.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Attention! ManCat Working.

Hello evfurryone,

Genghis here. Since Pellie had been hurting real bad we haven't been on the computer much lately.

That doesn't mean I have been loafing - Nope on the contrary - I've been busy helping Sir Knight.

On the 14th of this month, we had a terrible storm and our town had lots of flash flooding. We didn't have too much water in the basement ( we did have to go down and mop up what we did get) even though we had a big puddle in the yard as you can see in the picture.

On Tuesday Sir Knight and I planted our vegetable garden, I had to snoopervise and give my approval to 5 tomatoe plants and 6 green pepper plants, a whole bag of tiny onions and a package of beets. Yulk! I don't eat stuff like that. Can you believe it he didn't plant any nip for me.

Then on Wednesday I played outside a lot while Sir Knight got the noisey riding thing out and cut all the grass down. Then he did something real strange he put a can full of cement in the ground around a pole in the yard and then cut the pole down. Weird!

Yesterday and today we worked in the garage building stuff Pellie wanted to use in the craft room. She is trying to get it prettied up for some kind of party, and has been a real slave driver. Then if we managed to get it right, we have to sand it up and paint it. But sometimes Pellie says one thing, thinks another; and confuses us so then we get it wrong and have to rework and redo the whole project. Sometimes I wonder where her mind goes and if she misses it, because she can give really strange directions some times. It's a good think Sir Knight is so understanding of her on those really weird days.

All this fresh air has me all tuckered out by evening and all I want to do is relax and nap.
So what am I doing up? - I don't know! - but I was missing all of you guys, and I thought I better post a bit of a catch up - so you don't think I'm not around. Now back to my nap.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Teacup Tuesday

Hello everyone,
Once again I am participating in Teacup Tuesday and I thought I would start with the cup that started it all.
I really never intended to collect teacups - my niece was the families Premier Teacup Collector at the time - oh I had a few chipped cups I picked up cheap at auctions to use in craft projects - but that was all.
One day my mother and I were out shopping for Christmas presents and we decided to do the easiest first and Headed to Princeton, Illinois; to a place called Hoffman's Patterns of the Past this place carries all kinds of replacement china and a wide assortment of collectable teacups. Mom and I were lost for hours as we browsed our way through all the racks of china.
When we met up again to head home mom had a shopping bag as apposed to the single bag I carried - when asked she just said she couldn't decide so bought them all to send at different times to the granddaughter. - I thought that a little strange since she usually misplaced things if she bought to far ahead -but at Christmas you try not to pry too much.
Well that Christmas I found this cup under my tree. She was so proud of herself and the purchase I didn't have the heart to tell her it was a rather impractical gift since I had no place to show it off and keep it safe.
I had two cats at the time and the youngest was able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, so nowhere was safe. In fact that cat had made it to the top of my kitchen cabinets and broke one that was in pretty fair shape I got at an auction. My son informed me that at least he got the mouse he was chasing so all was well with the world.
So this cup sat wrapped up in my closet till my older years - when I could afford a china cabinet.

The bottom reads, Golden Crown E&R Fine Bone China, Made in England. I don't think it was an antique when she bought it; but it's working on it now. I think its about 20 years old.

To continue the story, Mom gifted me with this pretty little one with pink roses for my birthday that same year. It has the same markings on the bottom as the other one.

Now that I have a few China Cabinets to call my own these two cups have a place of honor. Too bad Mom is no longer here with us to see them displayed at last.

Thank you so much for coming by and sharing my teacup story.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today is Frog Jumping Day

Hello Everyone.
Bet you just can't believe it - but - today really is Frog jumping day.

The above picture is the back of one of Sir Knights sweatshirts. Cute Huh?

Frog Jumping Day can be traced back to Missouri author Mark Twain, and his first short story, “Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog.”

They say that frogs make great pocket pets, so maybe you'll want to celebrate by going out and getting yourself a frog; Or maybe not.

On a personal note - I kissed a whole lot of toads before I found the handsome prince - will that count as having had a pocket frog? LOL


If this post doesn't make any sense please forgive me, this cold, rainy weather we are having, has got my fibromyalgia acting up big time and my brain is really, really froggy errr I mean foggy.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Victorian Tea Party

"Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world." - T’ien Yiheng

"Though I cannot flee from the world…
I can prepare tea with water from a mountain stream and put my heart to rest." -Ueda Akinari

"Enjoy life, sip by sip, not gulp by gulp." - The Minister of Leaves

Hello Everyone,
Do come in, out of the cold and make yourself comfortable. Welcome to my Victorian Tea Party.

Full tea is being served in the Main Parlor so lets head in there, and indulge in the pleasures of tea.

Ah, here we are. Let us light the lamps and bring the room to life. An old tea drinkers saying is "to make a tea stronger than usual indicates a new friendship” I noticed I brewed this pot a bit strong, hopefully to signify all the new friends who will be stopping by today.

I saved this seat for you.

Won’t you please be seated.

"The mere chink of cups and saucers tunes the mind to happy repose." - George Gissing

I will sit here - so that we may engage in pleasant conversation - of absent friends and lovers.

"Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea" - Henry Fielding, Love in Several Masques

We have for your culinary delight:
Feta Cheese & Chives Scones,
Cucumber Sandwiches and
Sir Knights world renown Crab salad..
Italian Cream cake will be served at the last remove for desert.
Please don’t be shy, help yourself, I guarantee it is all delicious

"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour rededicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea." - Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady

"Each cup of Tea represent an imaginary voyage" - Catherine Douzel

Thank you so much for coming on this imaginary voyage to my blog and my home.


Mothers Day

To My Grown Up Son

My hands were busy through the day,
I didn’t have much time to play
The little games you asked me to.
I didn’t have much time for you.
I’d wash your clothes, I’d sew and cook
And when you’d bring you picture book,
And ask me please to share your fun,
I’d say “a little later son”.
I’d tuck you in all safe at night
And hear your prayers, turn out the light,
Then tiptoe softly to the door…
I wish I’d stayed a minute more.
For life is short, the years rush past…
A little boy grows up so fast.
No longer is he at your side,
His precious secrets to confide.
The picture books are put away,
There are no longer games to play.
No good-night kiss, no prayers to hear…
They all belong to yesteryear.
My hands, once busy, now are still
The days are long and hard to fill.
I wish I could go back & do
The little things you asked me to.
Author Unknown

Hello Everyone,

I was divorced shortly after my son turned one and remained that way till 11 years ago when I met and married Sir Knight.

Raising a child, as a single parent was hard work. I worked a full time job, Then came home and crafted so I could do the craft show circuit on the weekends. Then I decided to go back to school to be a Nurse, worked a full time job and crafted. Through it all my son was pretty amazing, oh he had his share of discipline problems, but nothing really out of the ordinary. He'd help me study, he'd help pack crafts and make sure we were ready to head to whatever show we were headed.
I came across this poem many years ago and in a newspaper and saved it, so I could add it to the scrapbook I knew I would put together for him when I had more time. Well that more time is here and for the last couple years, I have been working on putting his life in picture order. To that end, I am having some problems because there were years I couldn't even afford to buy a camera or if we had the camera, pay for the processing of the film; but we both survived, hopefully the stronger for all our adversities

Forgive me, my intent was not to bum everyone out this Mothers Day but rather to give all young mothers a little heads up to enjoy your blessings more while you have them.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Garage Sale Goodies and my May Challenge entry

Hello Everyone,
No Genghis, you may not mail yourself out to Jan's Funny Farm along with their treats. That would be more than they bargained for when they joined your giveaway.

Yep all that cold nasty rain moved in on us like they said it would and tonight we have freeze warning. But Dedicated Garage Sale'er that I am, I never let a little cold weather come between me and a bargain. Didn't find to much out there - but I found enough to satisfy my compulsion

This weekends treasures include a couple of craft books,a historical romance, some fabric, a place mat and a couple empty boxes. Ooops, almost missed my pretty little crystal salt and peppers, they are so cute.

Here is Sir Knight's treasures. A couple scroll saw books, sanding disks, and a New for us Cookbook. Yummm hope it has something tasty in it.

This is the picture Gail gave us, the word prompt was courage.

Sir Knight, in an attempt to help me improve the quality of my blog pictures; bought me a new photo software for Mother's Day and of course I had to sit right down and experiment. And in case your wondering; - no I let my male side show and didn't read all the directions first. This program is suppose to do lots and lots of good stuff -and the instructions though not extremely technical fills a 377 page book, so it may take me awhile to get it all processed.

This little digital piece I did for Mind Wide Open, therefore, may be my only piece for quite some time.
This is what I made with it.

Check out all the great artwork over on Gail's Blog tomorrow. Mind Wide Open is the place to go. Vote for the piece that speaks to your soul and give all us struggling artist a boost.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's planned for the future?

My pretty little Dwarf Lilac Bush

Hello everyone,
It was a rather balmy day here in the Midwest - but they tell us we are due for heavy rain and cold temperatures, maybe even a good freeze.
It's ok with us- we haven't put our garden in yet. The weather here has been so unpredictable the last couple years - it's hard to decide what to do. Last year we put our garden in early and everything got waterlogged from to much rain -and the year before that a late frost killed our veggies and we had to replant. So this year we waited and it seamed like we waited way too long - but now I'm glad we did.
Just hope we don't get any of the snow - they are predicting for the Dakota's and Minnesota. The frost would be hard enough on my pretty Lilacs and my soon to bloom Peony bushes but snow would absolutely destroy them.

Planning for the future certainly gets trickier - at my age - no use doing any long range planning; and besides according to all the worry warts, who have it on good authority, the world will end in 2012. I don't know if the Aztecs were right or wrong - but I figure I best not commit myself too far in advance, just in case.
Where is this post leading you ask? Well, I really don't know. I started out just wanting to tell you about a few things I signed up for around blogland - where the other stuff came from is a mystery to me too.

Sir Knight, who usually takes me out for Mother's Day has so gallantly agreed to forgo the fancy restaurant - and make me a yummy spread of tea party treats; so that I can join in on this Victorian Tea Party. Crab salad, cucumber sandwiches and whatever else he is willing to whip up - sounds extra yummy to me. He is the best cook around.

I am so blessed- He likes to cook and I love to eat. A match made in heaven LOL

I will have to put in some serious cleaning and organizing time to get ready for this event, hopefully I'll even have the annex cleaned up and ready to show off as well. I know Genghis doesn't think it will happen - but I am a lady on a mission. Failure is not an option.

Help me, I think I'm going MAD. And right on time if I do say so myself.

Ohhhhh! I am so looking forward to this one. I joined last year but a family emergency came up and I had to have Vanessa remove me from the party list. What a bummer. So hopefully we can make it happen this year and get totally MAD .. At least I still have all my decorations that I planned on using last year.

If you haven't decided that I am way to MAD - do come and join us. The more the merrier.

At least that's what they say. Isn't it?????


Nurses Day.

This is just a small collection of the Nurse items I own

Hello everyone,

Today is National Nurses Day and the start of Nurses Week. Don't ask me why we would start our week on a Thursday! Maybe because most of us are so used to working every other holiday and weekend; that we really don't care when the week starts.

When I was working - I was always cold at work. In winter cuz it was winter and in summer because most places blasted the air conditioning. So I used to wear a lot of sweatshirts. Every Nurses day my mother bought me a new sweatshirt to wear at work and I thought I'd share just a few of them with you today.

A Nurses Prayer

Dear Lord
Give to my eyes - light to see those in need.
Give to my heart - - compassion and understanding.
Give to my mind - knowledge and wisdom.
Give to my hands - skill and tenderness.

Give to my ears - the ability to listen.
Give to my lips - words of comfort.
Give to my spirit the desire to share.
Give to me, Lord
The strength for this selfless service and
enable me to bring joy to the lives of those I serve.

To all my Nursing Friends, I want to wish you all
A Happy, Healthy, Nurses Day. God bless each and every one of you.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And the Winners are..........

Hello evffuryone,

Its time to announce our winners,for our giveaways. And since mine was the best I will go first.

I must say picking a winner was kind of hard - all those little paper pieces that Pellie put in the bowl all smelled the same. So I finally just clamped my teeth down on one and then Pellie came and took it away from me; before I could even give it a good bat around the kitchen.

Drum roll please.

The Winner of "Can Never Have Too Many Cats" are my friends over at Jan's Funny Farm.
Congrats to all of you. Hope you like the goodies.


The Winner of the "Crafter's Delight" is Dana over at Sinderell'a Studio

The winner of Viva La France is... Twyla & Lindsey at Two Crazy Crafters

And last but certainly not least - the winner of the Sweet Treats is... all our friends at the
Kool Kitty Krew

Well that's a wrap on the prizes now I need to gather up snail mail addresses so I can mail these out. I might not get then mailed out till this coming Sat or Monday, so don't even start looking for the postman to bring them till after that.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Great American Grump Out

Hello everyone,

Today is the 9th Annual, American Grump Out. and according to their website...

"The Grump Out asks sour pusses to suck it up and refrain from getting their grump on -- at least for 24 hours.

That includes no grumping, no frowning, no grousing, complaining, punching, slapping, hitting or killing. FOR ONE WHOLE DAY. "

Grump Out goals:

  1. To help people better understand the connection between negative attitudes, stress and health.
  2. To see America give themselves permission to be friendly, playful, supportive and loving for just one day.
  3. To lighten up our planet and reduce unhealthy stress through humor.
  4. To have FUN

Well I'm all for fun; so lets make sure nobody , absolutely nobody is a grump today.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Teacup Tuesday.

Hello everyone,

It was a fairly nice spring day here, weather wise; and they say the forecast for Tuesday is for the low 80’s, but we will see.

Over the weekend I was visiting a few new blogs and one of them was Artful Afirmations who along with Martha' Favorites has this participation post called Teacup Tuesday. Since teacups and tea pots are a few of the things I own in multiple I thought I join in. I'm not in the same class of photographer as these girls, but we try.

I thought it only fitting that my first post be about these two large cups I am offering in my “Viva La France Giveaway”. I won these in a box of a lot of miscellaneous items at one of our local auctions. In the box there was also a teapot and sugar and creamer set. (Unfortunately they were in a rather woebegone condition and beyond saving - so they went into the circular file. - without me even washing them up.)

These two cups are a French Ironstone and are large - larger than the poor teapot was - so I presume they are soup sets. The flowers are so dainty, but the cups has some heft to it. So If any one is interested - these are part of one of my giveaways.- which will be drawn after midnight on May 5th - please feel free to comment and enter the Giveaway.

The auction this past weekend wasn’t very good for me - things were going higher than I wanted to pay and a lot of the stuff was rain damaged - as they set up the day before the auction and we had tornado warnings and terrible rain that evening. The rain even intruded on the auction and my poor old body was hurting real bad because of it. So Sir Knight was kind enough to take me to the Goodwill where I scored just a few fun pieces.

Many fun things are happening around blogland that I want to participate in, I'll keep you informed as the month goes on.

Winners to be Drawn after midnight on May 5th for all the Giveaways. Hope you win!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day

Good morning everyone,

Sir Knight and I will be going to another auction today - don't know if it will be any good - but we love to go anyway.

Genghis's eye is doing much better, even though he is not a model patient. Sir Knight and I have multiple scratches , but at least its working.