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Sunday, June 6, 2010

International Clothesline Week and some good buys

Hello everyone,

Yesterday June 5th was the start of International Clothesline Week.

I love using my clothesline - waiting patiently through winter till the weather is once more a bit agreeable. In my younger days I had even been known for hanging things out to freeze dry, but that is a thing of the past.
Nothing is better than the smell of line dried sheets when you head off to bed. No drier sheet will ever duplicate the smell of sunshine fresh air. Even the next day the scent lingers. Mmm I"ll sleep good tonight.
So why didn't I start celebrating yesterday you ask instead of waiting till today. For 2 very good reasons.
1 st it was stormy and raining off and on all day yesterday in my little corner of the Midwest -
we had tornado warnings but no sightings close by.(for which we are grateful). 2nd., since rain made it impossible to do the laundry and hang it out, I decided I just had to go to the auction.

This army of Nutcrackers and wooden soldiers is what we purchased. Aren't they adorable. I picked up the first 2 larger ones for 4 dollars a piece, the med size gray one ( which kind of reminds me of Sir Knight and he will sit out all year long) was only two dollars and all the little ones be they soldier or cracker were 50 cents/each.
Then the people at the auction seemed to wake up and go nutty and started paying up to $5- $15 dollars per cracker for the same size as my gray one and smaller, yet not as small as my little guys. I realize that is still a fairly decent price - seeing the largest one of mine still has a price tag on it for $59.99. But my prices were exceptional.

I also picked up this little smoker for a couple bucks because no one knew what he was, they kept saying he was a broken nutcracker wannabe. They figured he was broken because he opens up to put a cone of incense in and then the smoke comes out of his mouth like he's puffing on his pipe. Silly them, Lucky me.

Well, I've got a couple art project to work on so, I best wish you all a good day and get myself off the computer and back to work.


PS. In all fairness to Sir Knight I must tell you that it is his graying locks and round glasses that remind me of my knight, and not his German hat, lederhosen or the pint of beer he is carrying.

Although I must admit Sir Knight looks very good in his jean shorts, so I bet he'd look just as good in lederhosen if he had them.

Sir Knight has round glasses that darken in the sunlight and have gotten so dark on a few occasions that at one Renaissance Faire we attended, I was commended for bringing a blind Pirate to the faire. As for the graying hair - well my Italian Knight's hair was much darker when we first met - so I will own up to giving him quit a few of those gray locks, myself.


Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Hey my Knight in Shining armor still thinks his hair is blonde - white as all get out - but he is MY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beedeebabee said...

Oh Penny, you're so right about the smell of air dried sheets! It is just one of the best smells there is! What a great collection of handsome little guys! xo Paulette