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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Leave me alone - Cuz I aint smiling right now.

Let me tell you about the day I had yesterday. - It was horrendous. Yesterday was Bath day. I should have run and hid when I saw Pellie and Sir Knight put brofur Dale into the tub. I was pretty sure they wouldn’t do that to me because I’m better at taking care of my self. But that was not the case when Dale was clean and wiped slightly dry - they can for me - boy did I have to fight for all I was worth. Pellie kept saying something about I needed this bath if I wanted to continue to go outside and play because it helped prevent fleas - but I really didn’t care. I just wanted out.
And if that wasn’t bad enough and to add insult to injury - Sir Knight kept trying to take pictures of me. Usually I love to have my picture taken - but I will admit I am a vain fellow and only allow pictures when I’m looking my best. So I moved around a lot to mess up any and all pictures. Actually they made me look kind of ethereal and in one I even look like a demon cat of some sort. That serves them right for getting me all wet.

Genghis Khat

To please himself only, the cat purrs... Irish proverb

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's a little bit silly and a little bit mad- But it is so Me.

Hello Everyone,
I just love popping over to Vanessa's blog - A Fanciful Twist reading her ideas, seeing her art - speaks to my inner child. So I have decided to join her Mad Tea Party. You can read more about it here. Please join us in a Wild and Silly party and have a "Very Merry Unbirthday" .
Oh- oh - better get busy only one month to get everything ready.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Reflections on Memorial Day

A Mother to Her Son in Service
By Grace Noll Crowell

Wherever you are this day, my precious son,
God hold you close, God keep you safe from harm.
In this strange victory that must be won
It takes your youth, your strength of heart and mind.
Your valor and your courage and your might
To bring to pass the miracle of peace.
God keep you facing forward toward the light
That waits ahead for you when war shall cease.

Take God as your companion, O dear Heart.,
We must not, dare not face the days alone.
With him for comrade we can do our part
And staunchly, bravely face the great unknown.
I, too, must be a valiant soldier, for
That is what mothers are when there is war.

Good Morning Everyone!
Just stopping by to wish each and every one of you a wonderful day and a safe weekend of remembrance and reflection on the Freedoms we hold dear, and the sacrifices it takes to preserve that Freedom. I hope you enjoy this little poem I found while browsing through an older, patriotic addition of Ideals Magazine; I thought it was very appropriate even in these our own war filled times.
God Bless.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meow. My day in the sun. Meow

Hello everyone,
Genghis Khat here again. I have had such a wonderful day. I got to go outside and play when the family went out to work in the yard. Last year I was too young and reckless so they wouldn’t let me out - I could only watch from the doorway and let me tell you that was frustrating and rather humiliating. But all that’s behind me now and I had such a good time - I spent all morning chasing bugs and leaves and trash paper they threw out of the flower beds. My big brofur was out too - so he showed me all the good places for hiding and even some great hunting places
Pellie cleaned and shined everything on the porch and brought out a bunch of funny looking stuff she said was summer decorations. I don’t know - a small piece of hose with a bow and flowers on it doesn’t seem like much of a decoration to me. Then she brought out some small little houses too small for us cats and they have round openings where the door is suppose to be - What self respecting fairy wants to live in a house with a hole for a door- so they cant be fairy houses even if they are pretty.
When the porch was finished Pellie set about planting flowers she called dallia’s or something like that. I thought what she put in the dirt looked like a bunch of dead turnips or worse but she assured me that they would grow into pretty flowers.
Sir Knight was busy riding around the lawn on that noisy thing that chops the grass in half. I don’t really like that thing its big and its loud. Then he grabbed some other noisy tool and walked around the whole house chopping all the tall grass that he couldn’t reach with the riding thing. I guess the yard looks better but he didn’t leave any of the tall juicy stalks for Dale and me to feast on and aid our digestion.
Whoa! All that fresh air made me sleepy - I think I will join Dale on the little couch and take a nap.

Genghis Khat,

And in closing remember "A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes" ...English proverb

Saturday, May 16, 2009

This blogger stops for garage sales.!!!

Hello everyone.,
Yesterdays high winds and heavy rain was not very conducive for going out to Garage Sales.
Today was dry but was chilly - oh who am I trying to kid - it was darn right cold. - Brave adventurers that we are, headed out to the sales anyway.
Here's everything we purchased over the weekend. Some cookbooks for Sir Knight, a Merino glass clown for our clown gallery (only $1.00 WOW) a teapot with fruit on it with 2 matching cups (a bargain at $1.50/set), a pretty little plate with berries on it., a silver footed crystal bowl ( my new clip holder for the craft room), a storage box shaped like a set of books( going in the library of course), and an old calender with some great shots of different sights in France.
Yep one man's trash sure is another man's treasure; for both Sir Knight and myself are thrilled with are new additions.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Swap treets ready to pack - teaser

These items will soon be heading off to California - I hope Caleen likes them

Good Morning.
Hurry up and come in out of the rain.
Your lucky you caught me in - today is the City Wide Garage Sale here in town but this darn rain has closed most of the sales down. The neighbor across the street has a lovely two car garage and is made of sturdier stuff than some so she is open and seems to be doing good - as there are cars up and down the block. Yes I ran over and got a few things. I'll show you in a bit.
This post is just to show you a little of what I will be packing up today to put in the mail for my swap partner. ( In case you forgot I joined the Sweet Tweet Swap over at A Bit of Pink Heaven) Of course I don't want to ruin the anticipation or the surprise for her so its just teasers. (WOW! How mean is that?)


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spruced Up Library

The picture above is the before picture note large ugly computer desk (please excuse mess as I had been in there the evening before painting a few things while I watched a Jane Austin moviethon of different dvd's I rented from the library.
Here is the redo - note - how he turned the bookcase to the side to leave more room for his chair as he moved the desk off the wall and made it so he can see the Kitchen and/or the TV from his new vantage point. This change also opened up wall space , so he hung up his collection of tarot cards and some favorite pictures of his depicting the seven deadly sins.
The turning of the bookcase formed a little alcove in front of the closet which we both thought was rather nice. The bookcase holds History books - while the unit to the left holds our collection of DVD's. The Closet is full of our audio books and the old VCR tapes. I think it looks pretty good, don't you?

Good Morning Everyone,
And a very good morning it is. The sun is shining; which is very nice to see after two days of rain, tornadoes and whatever else Mother Nature felt like throwing at us.
This will be a rather short post, as I am once again trying to recover from some sort of virus Sir Knight brought home with him from work.
Any whooo - remember on May 9th when I told you Sir Knight decided to rearrange the library and get rid of the big, tall computer desk I had, which he detested. Well now that its all cleaned up and every thing is put away. I wanted to show you a few shots of how nice it looks.

Well I better get busy on finishing up my swap items, if I intend to get it finished by the send date.

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to stop in and take this time to wish every mother in the world a very Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

May Challenge was a real challenge.

Once again I entered the monthly challenge over at Mind Wide Open. And for some reason I just could not work up a real spark of excitement for either the picture or the title hints; but I refused to just give up and not do it . - I mean I am serious about trying to get my muse back and working.
So I kept on and here is my idea of Spring in Paris.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring and a man’s fancy turns to…

Hello everyone,
I know I have been MIA for a little bit - which is not good for a new blogger . I have a good excuse though which I tell you in a bit.
To continue with my creative plans; here are few pictures of my slow moving craft room and the last few drawings I did in my drawing class.
Looking from front door to set of windows - my cedar chest for holding material and a couple of built in bookcases. Poor Sir Knight, as you can see I was trying to fill things before he was even finished with them.
Another shot from door into room with the emphasis on the unit on the left with desk, storage cabinets, garage for my pull out sewing unit and shelving above.

Landscape picture of a bridge from the bike path by the Mississippi River.
Last day of class we were to draw a self portrait - Not sure if it really looks like me, but I did a good job on the eyes (at least I thought so)

Next on our to do list, Sir Knight and I took a digital camera class and even bought a new camera so from now on the quality of our pictures should improve. Yea
Last week the men in my life young and old have had their own agendas Hence the title name.
First off Sir Knight brings home some sort of flu bug (not H1N1) but I was still pretty sick in bed trying to cough up a lung ( at least that was how it felt) my chest was so tight. A trip to the Clinic where I was prescribed an antibiotic and a nebulizer, plenty of bed rest, lots of water and fruit juices was all it took to get me back on my feet. ( Note this is my excuse for not posting)
However since I was unable to work in my room and had no new jobs for Sir Knight, he decided it was time to do a little changing of things around in our library, for his own creature comfort. He has always despised this huge computer desk I had when we first met and has grown to dislike it even more every time he has to move it around - so - it’s time has finally come and he dismantled it to make room for a regular desk( we picked up cheap at an auction) and a cabinet of his own design and construction to hold all the computer components.
His two days of non stop work really paid off - the room looks so much bigger and definitely more homey and inviting. Kudos! Sir Knight you did a great job.
One of the other men in my life, my grandson, is also going through a spring flight of fancy - he is 15 and has gotten his drivers permit. Hang on World the “C” man is mobile - at least he is when someone is willing to go for long drives with him. He was my chauffeur yesterday, on an excursion to the Goodwill. (I could get used to that - but better not. Things change when they finally get their license, who wants to take Gma to the store when you can go places all by yourself..)
Found a few treasures for myself and for my swap partner, so I was happy as a lark.