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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello October - A Party in the works

Good morning everyone,

How are you this morning?

October has arrived and to us she has brought cold air and plenty of rain. Riding on the shirttails ( or maybe i should say broomstick) of this cool crisp fall day she brings the promise of some wonderful autumn activities.

I want to invite you all to come and join us - as I joined in on Vanessa's Party over at "Fanciful Twist". We have already started to decorate the party room and plan on making all the goodies this weekend. So do come back to visit and maybe we can sit a spell and watch the Halloween magic unfold around us.



MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh Miss Pellie and Genghis...we wish you a lovely autumn! It is our favorite season and we love halloween. Your poster looks so promising and we wish we could attend this event.
I am glad your garage sale is over and that it went well. there is always so much that needs doing for one of those. Mommy just gives it all to Goodwill or our church sale. She collects stuff too much too but trys to be better now. She still can't pass up a nice rose covered tea cup or saucer though...
I know you still miss Dale so much. He could have taught you so many more things. It is good to have had a friend to love...I will always be your friend.
Say hello to Sir Knight...he is a pip of a pal to be so helpful during the sale.
Love Miss Peach

Anonymous said...

That sure sounds like a fancy pawty! We'd love to come. And, Autumn is here too! the trees are turning such lovefurely colors and we love to watch the leaves blowing across the decks!!!