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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cool October Nights and Good Reading

Hello Everyone,

The cool crisp air of autumn is filled with excitement, as we ready the house for Halloween and for our Party we will be doing with all the friends of Fanciful Twist.

What better time of the year to delight in tales of the macabre and I have a few I intend to read - some for the first time and some others for the pleasure of meeting up with old friends or is that fiends. Mystery writer may come and go but my all time favorite to curl up with - hands down - is the Father of the Macabre Edgar Allen Poe. "The Great American Ghost Stories" book by Hans Holtzer is also a very good read. In my college days I was able to gather information about the great Hans Holtzer. One of the other college's in our town of three colleges was said to have an ill fated haunted room and we all clamored for information as to whether or not he would debunk the ghost story once and for all or authenticate it as a real sighting.

Tales of haunted houses are always interesting - but when October comes around - well - they seem so appropriate. Who hasn't wanted to take one of those trips around to all the locations in your own town or county. I know, when I still lived in Chicago, the midnight halloween tours of the haunted cemetaries was always fun even if I never ever saw a ghost for myself.

For the Little tykes - the Bunnicula serries by James Howe - Is great. Yes there are a few scary parts in it but Howie and Chester and Bunnicula, always overcome evil and save the day for the unsuspecting Monroe Family. Yes bunnicula is a Vampire rabbit and he sucks the juice out of all the vegitables in the neighborhood but he is so cute and cuddly who can blame him.

Well, I'v rested my feet long enough I best get back to the business of decorating.

Thank you so much for coming by to visit. Do feel free to come again soon. Please.


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