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Monday, October 26, 2009

It was a shop till you drop weekend.

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all doing well and had a wonderful weekend. Without even planing it ours turned out to be a weekend of shopping.

I signed up for a bread making class at our local college extension and didn't want to take all my antique baking supplies, we use at home, so the first place we headed was to the dollar store.
And picked up the cute little ensemble you see above. Oh I know it's not designed to last a lifetime but if it just makes it thorough the three classes I'll be happy. In one of the classes we are suppose to make a bread cornucopia - I'm kind of all thumbs in the kitchen so I hope it turns out well. Wish me luck.

The biggest surprise of our shopping day was when we headed over to Best Buy. Well that wasn't the surprise and I thought nothing of it because Sir Knight always loves to browse around there. We perused most all the merchandise and the computers just looking - not buying - then out of the blue Sir Knight picked this little baby up and bought it for me as a Halloween present. How wonderful is that? (Insert me doing happy dance here.) I finally got an external hard drive to back up my wealth of pictures stored on this computer and on my old computer - which we setup in the basement for when the grandchildren come over and want to play their online games. Because I don't let anyone but Sir Knight and myself use the new computer - I mean it's not even a year old yet.

As you can imagine; the first thing I did when we were home was to make copies of all the pictures on the old computer and transfered them to my new computer. As soon as I am finished going through them weeding out duplicates and such, I will again copy them all over to the hard drive for safe keeping. Then I can remove them all together form the old computer; which should make the grandchildren happy too because once all the pictures and documents are off the old computer - there will be more memory available for their game playing. So this little black book is making many people sooooo happy.

Sir Knight doesn't think I'll fill this puppy up - Ha! I bet I will.

Well I better get back to work .


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