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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hey! Hi there,

you are getting sleepy - you will forget how long it been since I last visited

Hey Everybody it's me Genghis Khat,

I know it's been a long time since I wrote here on this blog thingy; but Pellie has not been feeling well and when she is on the computer it's for such a short time I don't have time to get my thoughts together much less do my post.

So anyway she is busy working on some sort of bread book - she said she is inspired by this class she is taking. I know she does not need much to inspire her to play with her paper scraps and make glittery things. Just as long as she's happy and left the computer on for me - we both can be happy.

I have missed visiting with all my kitty friends but I will try to get it done.

According to Purina Petcentric today is National Cat Day - "a holiday to celebrate cats for their unconditional love and companionship. Yep, Pellie has really been giving me lots of pets and hugs today and even a couple of my favorite treats - Chicken Pitter Patters. Yum.

I was kind of surprised about this cuz I have been waking wake her up really early in the mornings lately and Sir Knight tells me I shouldn't do this when she doesn't feel good. But I can't seem to help myself. I wake up and am ready to play and I really want her around so I go jump on and off the bed and her chest till she opens her eyes. I know she waits up late for Sir Knight to come home from work while I sleep but like I said I just cant help myself.

I picture myself as this this perfect little kitty - but I know I'm not - yet Pellie loves me any way. Yea!!!

So are all you guy and gals ready for Howls and Screams? We are and I can hardly wait. I love to see all the kids come up to the door in their costumes. It is so exciting. I'm glad I'm not a black cat though- Petcentric says this is a dangerous time of year for black cats -cuz peoples are scared of them at Halloween and try to hurt them. I guess that was why my brofur Dale never cared for all the fun and he would just go to sleep in the basement till it was all over.

Oh boy I was so excited the other day - I was outside playing and a mouse entered into my domicile. So I stalked it and very stealthly attacked it, killed it and took it to show Pellie in the house. She wasn't too happy about my big game I hunted up and Sir Knight made me drop it from my mouth, then he took it and disposed of it in the outside trash bin.
"Better to have hunted and have it taken away than to never have hunted at all" I guess?

Well its time for my nap, but first I better go sit among Pellie's paper things for a little bit so she knows I'm here.


A cat purrs when it's happy, meows when it wants attention, and is silent when planning its next move.

Happy Howls and Screams to all my wonderful friends.

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Anonymous said...

Happy that you are back!!! And you caught a mousie?!? PAWESOME!!! Glad that Pellie is feeling better and we all hope that you all have a furry Happy Halloween!!!