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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I only craft on days that end in y

Hello everyone,
It rained again on Friday - so I spent most of the day playing with Organza. Previously I had found this great blog and Reese's experiments into the world of organza flowers. I was filled with a desire to try it, but just never seemed to made time for it. With the upcoming Halloween Party I wanted to make something chic to decorate my birdcage and remembered these - so I gathered my organza round me and set to work making a few flowers that I deemed spookily chic. When those turned out so well I decided they would make great package toppers for Christmas & Birthdays (and boy do we have a lot of those coming up in the next couple months) so yesterday I got seriously busy and filled my jar with an array of gorgeous flowers. (It also helped that I happened to have lots of organza left over from making Renaissance Headpieces so the out of pocket cost was nill.) Making these are kind of like eating a potatoe chip - you just cant make one.
These are the little beauties that are on my birdcage.
A sneak peak at my completed birdcage.

Well, Sir Knight is already dressed and ready to go shopping, so I best bring this to a close and get myself ready to go with him. It is cold but not raining so I don't mind heading out today.

I hope you all have a great weekend.



Lorrie said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! I'll have to check out that link. What a great idea to fill up a glass container with flowers for future gifts.

Thanks for the Thanksgiving greetings.


Reese Dixon said...

:headsmack: would you believe I didn't even consider doing anything with these for Halloween! Duh, me! I'm even doing a Halloween tree that's all Victorian gothic and Haunted Mansion inspired. Thanks for the inspiration!