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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sanguine Sunday

Pellie calls this picture "A Loving View"

Meow, Meow all,
I'm up really early so I thought that I'd take a few minutes before I wake everyone else up - to share a few pictures that Sir Knight took of me as I wandered around the yard and porch yesterday. Pellie says that they are "just too cute" - Pleazzzzzzzzzzz. I'm the cute one not these pictures. But I must admit that as I peek through the heart cutouts on the porch railing I do make for a striking picture. Maybe I should become a model when I grow up?

I just have to share some important information that I learned while purrrrrrrrroussing the catblogosphere.

According to "Miss Peach Meowz" - today is World Cat Day. I actually thought everyday was world cat day but I guess I was mistaken; any ways I guess I'm going to plan on celebrating by just lazing around the house and doing nothing.
At least I will be lazy till 3:00 pm then I am joining "ConfusiousCat" a very wise fellow indeed & coordinator of purrs for peace. As part of Project Purrs for Peace - today at 3 we will be purring that the Troops may have Peace. We are hoping that this will be effective since science has finally figured out what we cats have always known. We have a special purr that we use to manipulate - err I mean influence our human companions, we just hope we can get enough purrs going to influence the humans in charge of the troops.

On a final note. - - Three would be world conquerors - Hitler, Napoleon, and Alexander the Great - were ailurophobes. Never and I mean never trust a man who has a phobia against cats!

Have a great day.


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Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Penny, I am delighted you came out of lurkdom and left a comment. Your blog is so sweet and so is your kitty. Today I am working on some Halloween party hats. I have a real hard time working on fall and winter things on a hot day like today. LOL....Come on over any time a chat. xo Lynn