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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Party Lost

T’was the night before
The Hatter’s Tea Party,
And all through the house -
Not a creature was stirring
Not even the White Rabbit.

The Dormouse was nestled
Asleep in a pot and
the hatters shirt ironed
so it wouldn’t
Be forgot.

Sir Knight in his kerchief
And I in my cap, had just
Settled down for a
long summers nap.

When what to our accosted ears
Should we hear - but the
Jarring jangle of a late night call.
Away to the
Telephone we flew like a flash.

Stubbing my toe
and almost breaking a lamp.
Bad News I fear -
With a loved one so dear..

While packing a few items
For the trip,
Hatter and March Hare
Start giving us lip.

The decorations are ready
And so is the cake
If we have no party
Our hearts will ache.

Boohoo cries poor dormouse.
What of Vanessa
And all of our guest?

Sorry fella’s we say
in genuine dismay -
We will join again next year
if she hosts party three.

Last thing to do was inform Vanessa
Of our fervent regrets & let her
Remove our name from her party list-
So that none would be disappointed
At dropping by a non party site.

Hello everyone,
Well here, I am again. - Sorry I have been gone so long.
My absence from my blog can not be totally blamed on serendipity or a busy schedule. I had some soul searching I needed to do, so that I could decide if I should continue blogging. And to be honest I'm still not sure. But I'm here right now anyway.

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