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Monday, April 27, 2009


Can anybody hear me? Anybody out there.?

Hey it’s Me, Genghis Khat - Pellie walked away from the puter without shutting it down first so I thought - I’d finally put my two cents worth on this bloggy thing. I insisted on being a part of this fancy new way of making friends and having fun and made sure I was in every picture that was taken for the header. So now it’s time to tell you a little about me - I am a wonderfully ferocious warrior kitty (part Siamese and Part ?/ who knows ), named for the great Mongol leader Genghis Khan. I am very handsome and spend a good deal of time on my daily ablutions; a young man must take good care of himself you know. I love playing with my toys and wrestling with my brofur, Dale. Dale is an old man and I am wayyy to fast for him - so I usually win all wrestling matches. But he never seems to care much if I do

Oh.oh I think Pellie is on her way back, so I better get off the puter .


PS : I’d like to leave you with a thought for today
“Peace of Mind is a blanket that Purrs”…Pat Brady

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Plan Continues On

My first drawing - a pumpkin that looks like a pumpkin. YEA!!! I know some of the strokes are real light - but I was pretty unsure of what I was doing at the time. What do I mean - I still am a bit unsure of what I'm doing when I sit down to draw.
Looking towards front door. All painted - but we still have the old carpet. I know that it does
not look like it but believe me it really is an aqua color.
Standing at front door looking into room. All Painted - but with the old carpet. See the new carpet sits ready for us to install
Same view - with the new carpet. Yikes stripes - you say - Well yes. I want the room to look large because when I start to add the furniture - I know it will get real small looking.
Starting to set up desk and storage space. These knockdown storage cabinets we bought will be the anchor pieces to my new crafting area.

I apologize for the blurry , grainy pictures. They were taken with our old Mavica camera -( you know the old dinosaur that took pictures on the 3 1/2" floppy) and the only computer that has the capabilities to read them is in our basement and is not compatible to network and share files with the new computer so I have to print them out and scan into the new computer.

While we worked on our Plan - I was happily engaged in my drawing class, learning about perspective and foreshortening and good stuff like that. Drawing things I never in my life thought I could draw or that they would resemble what I saw.

All that crumpling and pasting (putting 2 complete coats of tissue on the wall) was only the first part of the room makeover . - Then there was the painting, the old carpet had to be removed and the new carpet had to be laid. Then the furniture had to be painted and brought up into its new place and shelving to be built. We did all this through the holiday preparations and celebrations; as I wanted to start the New Year in my new room. I know this was just a bit daft but I was like a woman possessed. Poor Sir Knight I really worked him hard during those two months.

The New Year arrived and while we were not totally finished - it was usable and I knew it was shaping up into my dream room.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I joined my first swap.

Welcome friends,
I just joined Eleanore's "Sweet Tweet Swap" check it out and joins us


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Plan Continues

These are the before and during shots (sorry they are so grainy)
full room plan & main wall

While dear hubby was busy drawing plans I was trying to decide how best to camouflage those old paneled walls. I would have liked to just removed them but since they were glued right to the plasterboard - that idea was completely nipped in the bud. But what to do - what to do. Wallpaper is a bit too formal for the crafty/garden shed room my mind envisioned, so that was also out. Just paint it - oh heavens no - we never just paint around here.

A very old decorating magazine came to my rescue; with an idea to apply crunched up tissue paper to the wall (Kind of like a poor mans wallpaper). I won’t obliterate all the paneling lines but it will definitely add some nice texture and make people wonder exactly what my wall is made out of. Now I moved on to decisions of colors. A piece of fabric purchased at Wal-Mart a few week before provided me with inspiration for the pallet I wanted to use. I went with a color called Kiwi Splash, which is in the turquoise/ aquamarine family. (According to a color analysis book I had browsed-turquoise has a sweet feminine feel - with darker Teal adding lively sophistication.) Turquoise and pink also offer a 50”s retro look that would also befit my age. The furniture would be white - because a little paint could then unify a few mismatched pieces as well as the wicker chairs that we had bought for the room a couple of years earlier.

With my part of the plan taking shape in my head we started to empty the room and get busy. While we crumpled, tore, and glued tissue paper up on the paneling hubby also was able to formulate a better view of what I wanted for my Crafty /Garden shed room. “Pretty fancy shed” he says “but I guess I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. I suppose you will be using the crystal for your storage items.”

Oh what a wonderful thought - Hmmmmmmmmm - Yes, I like it!!!!!!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Help I’m Lost In a Time Warp

Lady Penelope & Capt. Griffon Moon

A couple of weeks past one of my grandsons teachers, approached me with the idea of coming in as a guest speaker for a day. She wanted my husband and I to shed some light on Shakespeare’s England - before her High School English Literature classes started reading “Romeo & Juliet”.
We love history, especially Renaissance history so we were honored to have been asked. We discussed the finer Points of what she would like us to cover and we were happy to agree.
So I started in honest preparation - I read and reread a few of my favorite books on the subject - made myself a workable time line and even made up my own little version of the “Dating Game - Renaissance Style” ( a little more fun than listening to me lecture)
Then I went on to make sure our garb was clean and ready to wear. Couldn’t have Capt and Lady Griffon Moon looking like common rabble, you know.
Finally the day came - we were up by 5AM getting the last minuet touches ready and packed. Then my dear Knight in shining armor who was already dressed and ready to go (men have it so easy to get dressed no matter what century), had to play lady in waiting for me and we started to get me dressed:
  • Full length chemises
  • Fully boned corset
  • Farthingale
  • Bum roll
  • Velvet skirt ( made of 4 yards of material)
  • Bodice with detachable sleeves
  • Hat - Fan - Flea catcher
  • belt with a pompadour at the end
When at last we were both finally ready - Sir Knight had to pile everything into our awaiting coach, including me - It is a real struggle to move in all that clothing and off we went.
We arrived promptly at the hour of 8AM for the first period class - entertained the class as we taught and had as much fun if not more than the students.
Then came second period class and we were still going strong.
Third period was a break but not enough time to go home and remove boned corset. (darn)
Fourth period came and after our little rest we were reenergized and ready to go.
Fifth period came and I was starting to drag my tail feathers so to speak.
Sixth period came and I was revitalized by the fact that the day was almost over.
With the completion of our last class Sir knight helped me into the coach and we headed home;
exhausted but still riding a rush from working with all the students.
Two steps inside the door I started clawing at my garb - Removing as much as I could - as fast as I could. Sir Knight helped me remove the rest till I was able to remove the corset - Oh such blessed relief. I was once more able to take full breathes.
I immediately slipped into my jammies and headed to my favorite chair.
This all happened on Tuesday and here it is Friday Dear Friends and I still don’t feel fully recovered and back in my own time zone. We do Renaissance Fairs and I am used to perambulating around the fair grounds many, many times. Yet this 6 hour day lecturing and working with students left me mind boggled and body weary.
High school teachers my hat is off to you - I don't know how you do it on a daily basis.
Well that's all for now. catch you later.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Working on a Plan

A few books to help in my quest.

“Just what do you feel will entice your muse out of hiding?”, he says. “Oh, I don’t know, maybe learning to do something I never had time for, umm like drawing maybe. See they have a class at the college in the senior scholars section- Drawing for those who never thought they could draw it s only a couple days till the first class -I hope I’m not too late to sign up.
“Done“, he says and without giving me a chance to change my mind ( as he knows I sometimes do); he called the school and got me registered over the phone.
“What next?” He says. Well I either need a new craft room or a way to get down into the basement on the days the pain makes it too difficult for me to navigate the stairs, I say. “That is a little tougher”, he says,” but not impossible“. “Stair lifts are a little pricey and the basement was often too cold for you to work down there for any length of time even before you got sick so I think we need to concentrate on the only room left on this floor, the breezeway, so lets go in there and see what we can come up with.”
This room dear reader is very dreary with dark wood paneling and old stained carpeting. But I took his hand and we went to appraise the room as to how we could make it over; and do it on a rather limited budget.
“The walls can be painted“, he says, “and we can get some new carpeting - furniture is not a problem we will just use what you have down stairs”.
“I cannot use my open shelving for storage since this is still the main entrance to our home - it will look to cluttered. “ “Good point", he says, "so I will need to draw out a floor plan for possible layouts and see what will really work for you. In the mean time why don’t you try working on the decorating aspects." " Ok", I say, "a bit hesitantly" - not sure if this would all work.
Out came all my old faux painting and home decorating books. Since only one of my books had much on organizing a craft room - I started browsing the internet & I found a couple books I could get from the library. That browsing of the internet also brought me to the wonderful world of blogs.
In the blogosphere I not only saw room layouts - but also what other crafter's were doing and I knew that one day soon I wanted to join in on the fun, But I digress - for we first had to get busy and get organized.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Blessings

Good Morning Dear Friends, Just dropping in to wish each and every one of you a Joyous and Blessed Easter.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Out of my comfort zone.

Greetings friends. Just a little note to let you know that I have finally moved out of my comfort zone and I have officially sent in my work for the Mind Wide Open monthly challenge. I have been working on all the challenges since last October - but have never been brave enough to set my work out there for everyone to see. Last month was the first time I sent in my work so I feel a little more secure this time. Please pop over to Gail's site and see all the talented work that is posted.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The awakening:

Last year while sitting under the pine tree in my yard, I felt the cool breeze of autumn stirring and to my surprise it brought with it a stirring in my heart. Very faint at first, but as seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours it grew into a full fledged idea, desire, quest; something I just had to do, no matter what it took. I had to find her, she had been gone to long and I crave her company once more - I need her quiet reassuring way to guide me.

You see sometime back - without even saying good-bye she just took off to parts unknown, Undoubtedly feeling alone and unappreciated she just crept out of my life thinking I’d never even notice . Oh but I did notice! Yes, I noticed; but I was sooooo busy. I was a single mom, a nurse, and then a grandmother and a care giving daughter, a love interest to an assortment of fellows at different times(only one at a time mind you). Then an adjunct instructor at a local college, which led to a full time position on the teaching staff. Not to long after that I found my Knight in Shining armor and there was courtship and marriage, our jobs, my mothers passing and then the passing of my mother -in-law. I was a busy, busy person, so every time thoughts of her entered my mind; I just pushed them far back into the shadows. It was she who left me - not the other way around. Right?

Then my really active life - hit a bit of a snag - I got fibromyalgia. Retirement from the work a day world has been a bit overwhelming for me. With no responsibilities pressing on me ; I found myself adrift in a sea of time. I putter around, yet it never seems like I accomplish as much as I would like.
That my dear reader was the frame of mind I was in that pleasant fall afternoon as I sat under that pine tree pondering what the future may have in store for me.

Imagine my husbands trepidations when I came into the house- telling myself over and over again- “I have to find her - I just have to.” In that moment he must have thought I had taken to many pain killers and was hallucinating. “Who’s lost? Who do you have to find?” he says. I look at him incredulously “she’s gone, she left a long time before I ever met you. I really need her now. I need to find her.” To whom are you referring to honey?” he says.

By now I’m shuffling through papers, magazines and the last weeks mail; frantically looking for something I hoped would help me in my search. “Princess," he says, "if you will just tell me what your looking for and who’s lost maybe I can help you search." Just then out of the corner of my eye, I saw it. I just hope it’s not too late I’m thinking as I side step around two cats almost tripping as I bend over to pick up the fall catalog for the local college. With prize in hand, I pull myself back up to my full height and looking him square in the eyes I say “My Muse. "Your What?" he says. “My Creative Muse “ I say. “Your muse is lost” he says. “Well not exactly lost, I say but she has been MIA for quite a few years now. I am so tired of being sick and tired, I really need her now. All this free time is driving me crazy. (Yea! I know it’s a short drive. LOL)
I used to be pretty creative when I was younger. I used to write long newsy and entertaining letters to family and friends, but they slowly gave way to short notes in cards on holidays and birthdays, then to crisp almost cipher like notes in e-mail. “

“I used to be really crafty too; with little to no money to spend I passed so many pleasant hours crafting gifts and home d├ęcor. My muse was so resourceful, we never really felt as poor as we were. But then she left and I was buying gifts and stuff for the home and its not the same.”

“You don’t like the stuff we bought for the home?” he says, brow raised. “Yes, of course I do - I really do like it but its not the same as making stuff for it. Frou-frou’s and stuff like that, I cry in near panic. Your Just a Knight in shining armor; you could never understand. I mean it’s not like it’s a dragon to slay or a wrong to right or anything like that.

“Try me, he says Whats the catalog for? Let me help.”

So as in any good Tale we sat down with a cup of tea to devise ways to entice my muse out of hiding and maybe even fan her creative spirit.