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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July Challenge Project

This was the picture we were given to use for our challenge this month & the word was contentment
This is what I made.

Hello Everyone,
Since I am a nesting type of person - the idea of contentment - centers on my home. I am most content when I am home surrounded by my favorite things. But how do I show that?

With an idea finally in mind for this months challenge; I printed the picture on fabric. - I made two cardboard hearts large enough to fit the fairy. I then cut out one of the cardboard hearts and covered with the printed fabric. The other heart was covered with a solid teal fabric. I used a pretty lace and sandwiched it between the two cardboard pieces. The opening in the center of the two hearts is filled with excelsior to imitate a nest, then a small bird is added, and last of all I added flowers and a single feather. (Ta-da - my feathered nest.)

Well that's my project for Mind Wide Open for July, hope you like it. Stop by and view all the other entries here. And be sure to vote for your favorite.



slommler said...

Your piece is wonderful Penny!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your wonderful comments about my work.

Diane said...

i really love what you decided to do! i especially love the little birdie up top!

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny,
Thanks for the comment, I love yours too :) I read your post as well and it is heartwarming. It is fun to make new friends.