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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring and a man’s fancy turns to…

Hello everyone,
I know I have been MIA for a little bit - which is not good for a new blogger . I have a good excuse though which I tell you in a bit.
To continue with my creative plans; here are few pictures of my slow moving craft room and the last few drawings I did in my drawing class.
Looking from front door to set of windows - my cedar chest for holding material and a couple of built in bookcases. Poor Sir Knight, as you can see I was trying to fill things before he was even finished with them.
Another shot from door into room with the emphasis on the unit on the left with desk, storage cabinets, garage for my pull out sewing unit and shelving above.

Landscape picture of a bridge from the bike path by the Mississippi River.
Last day of class we were to draw a self portrait - Not sure if it really looks like me, but I did a good job on the eyes (at least I thought so)

Next on our to do list, Sir Knight and I took a digital camera class and even bought a new camera so from now on the quality of our pictures should improve. Yea
Last week the men in my life young and old have had their own agendas Hence the title name.
First off Sir Knight brings home some sort of flu bug (not H1N1) but I was still pretty sick in bed trying to cough up a lung ( at least that was how it felt) my chest was so tight. A trip to the Clinic where I was prescribed an antibiotic and a nebulizer, plenty of bed rest, lots of water and fruit juices was all it took to get me back on my feet. ( Note this is my excuse for not posting)
However since I was unable to work in my room and had no new jobs for Sir Knight, he decided it was time to do a little changing of things around in our library, for his own creature comfort. He has always despised this huge computer desk I had when we first met and has grown to dislike it even more every time he has to move it around - so - it’s time has finally come and he dismantled it to make room for a regular desk( we picked up cheap at an auction) and a cabinet of his own design and construction to hold all the computer components.
His two days of non stop work really paid off - the room looks so much bigger and definitely more homey and inviting. Kudos! Sir Knight you did a great job.
One of the other men in my life, my grandson, is also going through a spring flight of fancy - he is 15 and has gotten his drivers permit. Hang on World the “C” man is mobile - at least he is when someone is willing to go for long drives with him. He was my chauffeur yesterday, on an excursion to the Goodwill. (I could get used to that - but better not. Things change when they finally get their license, who wants to take Gma to the store when you can go places all by yourself..)
Found a few treasures for myself and for my swap partner, so I was happy as a lark.



Caleen said...

Hi.. I am your swap partner.. I love your new
craft room. Really great.. I bet you will spend lots of time in there.. I use to have one and I loved it.. We moved and now I have to put everything in my bedroom. It is o.k. because I am surrounded by the things that I love.. Hubby too. HA.. Glad you started a blog. You will really enjoy it.. Love your sweet kitty too..

Anonymous said...

hi capt and pell , hugssssssssssss . cant wait to see you in late june . dang tht capt is really a carpenter . think i cud use him for some handy dandy light work round my house for a couple years , plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . no really you both have done a wonderful job . no wonder i havent seen either of you on our other favorite past time . glad your feeling better pell . capt get the foooooooood ready im hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. pell i love this blog and i will be hre alot =) . dang i love wht to master minds can do with they put the qualities together exxxxxxxxxxxxcelent job again you 2 . hugssssssssssss . your bud , pal and food coneasuer , durkee25