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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meow. My day in the sun. Meow

Hello everyone,
Genghis Khat here again. I have had such a wonderful day. I got to go outside and play when the family went out to work in the yard. Last year I was too young and reckless so they wouldn’t let me out - I could only watch from the doorway and let me tell you that was frustrating and rather humiliating. But all that’s behind me now and I had such a good time - I spent all morning chasing bugs and leaves and trash paper they threw out of the flower beds. My big brofur was out too - so he showed me all the good places for hiding and even some great hunting places
Pellie cleaned and shined everything on the porch and brought out a bunch of funny looking stuff she said was summer decorations. I don’t know - a small piece of hose with a bow and flowers on it doesn’t seem like much of a decoration to me. Then she brought out some small little houses too small for us cats and they have round openings where the door is suppose to be - What self respecting fairy wants to live in a house with a hole for a door- so they cant be fairy houses even if they are pretty.
When the porch was finished Pellie set about planting flowers she called dallia’s or something like that. I thought what she put in the dirt looked like a bunch of dead turnips or worse but she assured me that they would grow into pretty flowers.
Sir Knight was busy riding around the lawn on that noisy thing that chops the grass in half. I don’t really like that thing its big and its loud. Then he grabbed some other noisy tool and walked around the whole house chopping all the tall grass that he couldn’t reach with the riding thing. I guess the yard looks better but he didn’t leave any of the tall juicy stalks for Dale and me to feast on and aid our digestion.
Whoa! All that fresh air made me sleepy - I think I will join Dale on the little couch and take a nap.

Genghis Khat,

And in closing remember "A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes" ...English proverb

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