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Saturday, May 16, 2009

This blogger stops for garage sales.!!!

Hello everyone.,
Yesterdays high winds and heavy rain was not very conducive for going out to Garage Sales.
Today was dry but was chilly - oh who am I trying to kid - it was darn right cold. - Brave adventurers that we are, headed out to the sales anyway.
Here's everything we purchased over the weekend. Some cookbooks for Sir Knight, a Merino glass clown for our clown gallery (only $1.00 WOW) a teapot with fruit on it with 2 matching cups (a bargain at $1.50/set), a pretty little plate with berries on it., a silver footed crystal bowl ( my new clip holder for the craft room), a storage box shaped like a set of books( going in the library of course), and an old calender with some great shots of different sights in France.
Yep one man's trash sure is another man's treasure; for both Sir Knight and myself are thrilled with are new additions.


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