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Monday, April 27, 2009


Can anybody hear me? Anybody out there.?

Hey it’s Me, Genghis Khat - Pellie walked away from the puter without shutting it down first so I thought - I’d finally put my two cents worth on this bloggy thing. I insisted on being a part of this fancy new way of making friends and having fun and made sure I was in every picture that was taken for the header. So now it’s time to tell you a little about me - I am a wonderfully ferocious warrior kitty (part Siamese and Part ?/ who knows ), named for the great Mongol leader Genghis Khan. I am very handsome and spend a good deal of time on my daily ablutions; a young man must take good care of himself you know. I love playing with my toys and wrestling with my brofur, Dale. Dale is an old man and I am wayyy to fast for him - so I usually win all wrestling matches. But he never seems to care much if I do

Oh.oh I think Pellie is on her way back, so I better get off the puter .


PS : I’d like to leave you with a thought for today
“Peace of Mind is a blanket that Purrs”…Pat Brady


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Very handsome indeed! Welcome to my swap. It's going to be fun!

Ecotistical said...

Genghis Khat, I like your name very much. It would seem that your owner seems both intelligent (she'd have to be to give you that clever name) and down-to-earth (she hits the garage sales). You are a lucky boy!

Just thought I would drop in and say hi.