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Friday, April 17, 2009

Help I’m Lost In a Time Warp

Lady Penelope & Capt. Griffon Moon

A couple of weeks past one of my grandsons teachers, approached me with the idea of coming in as a guest speaker for a day. She wanted my husband and I to shed some light on Shakespeare’s England - before her High School English Literature classes started reading “Romeo & Juliet”.
We love history, especially Renaissance history so we were honored to have been asked. We discussed the finer Points of what she would like us to cover and we were happy to agree.
So I started in honest preparation - I read and reread a few of my favorite books on the subject - made myself a workable time line and even made up my own little version of the “Dating Game - Renaissance Style” ( a little more fun than listening to me lecture)
Then I went on to make sure our garb was clean and ready to wear. Couldn’t have Capt and Lady Griffon Moon looking like common rabble, you know.
Finally the day came - we were up by 5AM getting the last minuet touches ready and packed. Then my dear Knight in shining armor who was already dressed and ready to go (men have it so easy to get dressed no matter what century), had to play lady in waiting for me and we started to get me dressed:
  • Full length chemises
  • Fully boned corset
  • Farthingale
  • Bum roll
  • Velvet skirt ( made of 4 yards of material)
  • Bodice with detachable sleeves
  • Hat - Fan - Flea catcher
  • belt with a pompadour at the end
When at last we were both finally ready - Sir Knight had to pile everything into our awaiting coach, including me - It is a real struggle to move in all that clothing and off we went.
We arrived promptly at the hour of 8AM for the first period class - entertained the class as we taught and had as much fun if not more than the students.
Then came second period class and we were still going strong.
Third period was a break but not enough time to go home and remove boned corset. (darn)
Fourth period came and after our little rest we were reenergized and ready to go.
Fifth period came and I was starting to drag my tail feathers so to speak.
Sixth period came and I was revitalized by the fact that the day was almost over.
With the completion of our last class Sir knight helped me into the coach and we headed home;
exhausted but still riding a rush from working with all the students.
Two steps inside the door I started clawing at my garb - Removing as much as I could - as fast as I could. Sir Knight helped me remove the rest till I was able to remove the corset - Oh such blessed relief. I was once more able to take full breathes.
I immediately slipped into my jammies and headed to my favorite chair.
This all happened on Tuesday and here it is Friday Dear Friends and I still don’t feel fully recovered and back in my own time zone. We do Renaissance Fairs and I am used to perambulating around the fair grounds many, many times. Yet this 6 hour day lecturing and working with students left me mind boggled and body weary.
High school teachers my hat is off to you - I don't know how you do it on a daily basis.
Well that's all for now. catch you later.


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