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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Plan Continues

These are the before and during shots (sorry they are so grainy)
full room plan & main wall

While dear hubby was busy drawing plans I was trying to decide how best to camouflage those old paneled walls. I would have liked to just removed them but since they were glued right to the plasterboard - that idea was completely nipped in the bud. But what to do - what to do. Wallpaper is a bit too formal for the crafty/garden shed room my mind envisioned, so that was also out. Just paint it - oh heavens no - we never just paint around here.

A very old decorating magazine came to my rescue; with an idea to apply crunched up tissue paper to the wall (Kind of like a poor mans wallpaper). I won’t obliterate all the paneling lines but it will definitely add some nice texture and make people wonder exactly what my wall is made out of. Now I moved on to decisions of colors. A piece of fabric purchased at Wal-Mart a few week before provided me with inspiration for the pallet I wanted to use. I went with a color called Kiwi Splash, which is in the turquoise/ aquamarine family. (According to a color analysis book I had browsed-turquoise has a sweet feminine feel - with darker Teal adding lively sophistication.) Turquoise and pink also offer a 50”s retro look that would also befit my age. The furniture would be white - because a little paint could then unify a few mismatched pieces as well as the wicker chairs that we had bought for the room a couple of years earlier.

With my part of the plan taking shape in my head we started to empty the room and get busy. While we crumpled, tore, and glued tissue paper up on the paneling hubby also was able to formulate a better view of what I wanted for my Crafty /Garden shed room. “Pretty fancy shed” he says “but I guess I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. I suppose you will be using the crystal for your storage items.”

Oh what a wonderful thought - Hmmmmmmmmm - Yes, I like it!!!!!!


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