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Monday, July 11, 2011

Mancat Monday

Hello evfurryone,

Shhhhhhhhhhsh; Please. - Be very, very quiet. I'm busy hunting alligators at the moment.

Did you hear that??? Was that the sound of a big reptile slithering across the grass?

What's that you say? There isn't any alligators to hunt here in Illinois. What a bummer! I was so looking forward to catching one of those bad boys.

Oh well - I guess I'll just lay here and see if a mousie comes by.



Katnip Lounge said...

*sigh* We have to make do with lizards. We agree, an alligator would provide so much more fun!

CatHerder said...

soooo adorable!

Johanna said...

Hello sweet Genghis,
you look so cute with your chocolate ears! I would love you to bits. Hope, you got a mousie.
Best greetings, Johanna (Wiski is away since days.)

Eric and Flynn said...

Hmm, we have heard that alligators are big and ferocious. It is probably better to stick with mousies.

Brian said...

You sure look like you are having a wonderful time!

CuddlyBunny said...

Good evening Genghis, if you're ever interested in sharing a fun day with a furry playmate let me know ... I'm sure my ferret would happily bounce around offering you a tail to chase!

The Lee County Clowder said...

Genghis, cutie, we suspect you are a bit too far north for alligators. If you look around, though, you'll likely find snakes, lizards, and maybe even frogs.