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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Catch-up Continues

Hello everyone,

Well I made it back and am continuing to fill you in all that happened while I was missing from Blogland.
First I want to share my self-care card of the month with you. My goal this month is Playfulness. The implied wisdom - connect with your inner child - get down on the floor and play.

Sir Knight and I still love to get down and play, whether it's building things from blocks , playing a board game or working a puzzle - the floor is just a little harder to get to as we get older and id definitely harder to get up from once we get down there.

It's the connecting with the inner child that will be the hard part - as I am afraid she was silenced many, many years ago by very stern parenting and I have never been brave enough to bring her out - too afraid of what she will say and do and more importantly how I will feel on seeing her again, after all these years.

Anyhow - (Awkward Pause) - Moving on. Lets get to looking at some more pretty art.

Here are the cards I got from Karla, Miss Peach's mom, for out private swap. I just love the card she made to send them in. Reminiscent of a slower time that was filled with awe and wonder.

Here is a close up of her Steampunk card. Isn't it beautiful?

I told you we shared an affinity for pretty.

Steampunk card opened up revealing all its little secrets and treasures.
She even personalized it with my name. I Just Love it.

Here is the wedding card she made me. Oh my it is so delicate. You probably can't see very well but she has the sheerest piece of ribbon over the card - with a beautiful bride stamped on it. Oh and by the way the butterfly is silver not shades of burgundy - it picked up the reflection from the camera - when it's ready to take the picture.. It's better in real life - a picture just can't do it the right kind of justice.

This is a little box I made for Karla to Keep her ATC's in. It's humble beginning was a small cigar which Sir Knight sanded all the offending cigar information off of and then made a divider for the inside. I them painted it an off white and quilled a Garden Medley of flowers for the top.

I love quilling as an art form - to me it is so restful and looks so pretty when it's done.

This is the inside of the box, of course. I put pink marble wallpaper up on the top and light pink felt in the bottom with pink ribbons to help lift the card from the box; because it is a bit of a tight fit and it would be a shame if a card got damaged trying to get it back out of the box. On the end of the ribbons I sewed little charms - one is a kitty and the other a computer. (I thought that was only fitting as it was those two things that we share and they helped to bring us together.)

Well I best quit before I get to long winded again.

Hugs to all,

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Brian said...

Your art is so pretty! I could get down on the floor and play with those fur sure! I don't have any problems at all keeping in touch with my inner-kitten!