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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Catching Up on the News

Hello everyone,

Well the big holiday celebrations are behind us and I have lots of catching up to do.

So many things were going on in June, some good, some bad, and some terribly comical (at least in retrospect they were comical - maybe not when they happened). I was overwhelmed, blown away, and just not able to sit down very often to post.

How much news can i put into one post- well lets just start and see how it goes.

June started pleasant enough. I was busy working in the yard and around the house doing small little remodels. Then Murphy's Law squared kicked in and it was down hill from there on.

We woke up one morning and the coffee maker just stopped working - What! no morning coffee - argggh that makes me angry. I need my first cup of coffee. As soon as Sir Knight was home from work it was off to the store to get a new coffee maker.

I know your sitting there thinking that wasn’t so bad - but wait.

The next day while Sir Knight is at work the flusher thingy for the toilet breaks - so to flush the toilet I had to lift the tank lid and do it manually - another trip to the store as soon as Sir Knight was home from work. Ick.

With that repaired, we had hoped life would return to normal - but noooooo. Two days later the inside of the bathroom sinks faucet just fell apart shooting water all over the place - and now Sir Knight had to be called home from work - because we had no shut offs for the sink without shutting down the whole house. So another trip to town and plenty of parts later our sink was now back in working order and has water shut off right there on the lines to the sink. YEAH!!!!

And if all that hadn’t been bad enough - I, in my klutziness fell down the basement stairs on Father’s Day, 15 minutes before we were due to go to one of our favorite Renaissance Fairs. I ascertained that the extra padding I have - protected my bones and nothing was broken - just a bad sprain in my left leg. I refused to give up our day at the Fair - so I hobbled around on it - oh man that hurt and was probably a big mistake - because that leg swelled up the size of a tree trunk and had me almost in tears for well over a week. Then it started bruising on the front and back. I have therefore been in bed or in a recliner with the leg elevated rather than here at my computer desk. I still have some pain - the bruises are more yellowish than purple - but I am feeling much better than I did.

While I was convalescing - Sir Knight was busy building me a few new accessories for my craft room - but it’s not ready to show you yet; so we will save all that discussion & problems for another post.

While laid up I did a bit of reading and crafting - You know me - I couldn’t survive if I wasn't creating some thing.

Miss Peach's mom Karla and I agreed to do some private swapping of ATC cards.

We would be doing a wedding theme to go along with the swap over at Blissful ATC Swap . We also agreed to do a Steampunk card for each other.

Well this time I decided I need to really understand what the heck Steampunk really was and bought this book

My library looked at me as if I was a freak of some kind when I asked if they could get a copy for me - I guess no one out here in the rural Midwest is even the slight bit interested in things Steampunk - as none of the surrounding libraries had it listed in their library either).

I learned lots while reading this book - and according to the author, to be true Steampunk even the art was suppose to have a steam engine somewhere in it.

So I created this card and titled it Pellie’s Palatial Steam Propelled Carriage. - Sir Knight really liked it but I figured it would never do, to send to Karla - because like me she is more into the pretty side of art.

So I made this next card and liked it much better - Sir Knight calls it soft Steampunk. I call it Pretty Steampunk. The young lady has her goggles on a dirigible flies high in the sky and is also reflected in her goggles. Her feline companion wear a right smart looking top hat and the card has cool gears on it. Yep that’s more my idea of Steampunk.

Then it was on to the Wedding theme. Here is the card I made for Karla . I titled it: From This Day Forward. The bride and groom in this ATC are from a picture I bought in the 70’s when I was married the first time. I was going to make a plaque commemorating our big day - but never seemed to have time - then the marriage fell apart - so I saved it hoping I’d find a use for it some day - because I absolutely loved it.

Doesn't the bride and groom look sweet and romantic? I just love them on this card.

Here is the card I made for Wendy at Bliss Angels, my partner in the Blissful ATC Swap and I titled it: Pansy Wedding Thoughts. As you can tell even though parts are digitally altered - I had to get in and play with a bit of paper and made up some pansies. I used pansies since the marriage certificate I used in the background had pansies on it.

The card I made to send my ATC in.

Look at the goodies Wendy sent me. The sweet fairy card went right up on my inspiration board - so I can look at her often.
Here is the card I got from Wendy. Is it not one of the most beautiful creations you’ve seen. I just love it.
Thank you so much Wendy - you are a super swap partner.

I figured I was on a roll so I decided it was time I made Angela over at Sew Loquacious a replacement card for the card I made in Dec. for her that had the rub on letters rubbing off even before it left my house - that theme was angels - so here is what I made for her. I was happy to send this one out and felt it better represented my skills and abilities.

May Angels Watch Over You

At the end of the month of May I was also in a swap over at Treasure Barn where the theme was hats - and guess what - I was in such a hurry to get my cards out - I forgot to take a picture of the two cards I made for my partner.

But here is a picture of the card she sent me. Really nice work - Love it Tiffine. Thank you so much.

Well this has indeed grown quite long so I will stop for now and pick up again on Thursday.



Brian said...

Wow, that sure was a lot happening. I'm glad your ouchy is better now, but I'm still trying to imagine a morning without coffee around here. I'd hide under the bed!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Never a morning without coffee. I really need to borrow that book, I don't understand the steampunk thing either. Great post! Great art!
cheers, dana

Cat said...

Such lovely cards! So sorry to hear of your fall, glad you are starting to feel better again.