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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Circus is Here

Hello Everyone,

It's that time of the month - for sending out and receiving ATC's for the members of the Blissful ATC Swap hosted by Wendy.

The Theme for this month was the Circus and the special little twist was that we were to create not one but three cards. The inspiration for that would be three ring Circus I guess. So to try and keep things in the three ring idea - I wanted to make sure all my cards featured different aspects of the circus.

So with out further ado...

Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of all ages

May I call your attention to the ringmaster there in the center ring..

Mister Ringmaster is a right debonair fellow with his cane and top hat and he started life as a coloring page on a kids coloring site. I colored him in using colored pencils and then printed him twice in wallet size on regular paper. The color wasn't as good as I hoped so I recolored him with my fine point markers and liked that much better. I used a striped scrapbook paper for my background and added a 3-D sticker of the Big Top. So my Ringmaster wouldn't be crooked standing where he was I removed have of the 3-D effect on the tent and added my first Ringmaster; I then added the second which was just a titch smaller than the first - I don't know why that was - I must have set something different when setting the printer or my printer must have messed up a bit when it sized it. But I thought he looked cute any way. I added two puffy star embellishments and felt he was good to go.

This Elephant was also from a free online coloring site. I colored him with my colored pencils and was pretty content with the color when I reduced him and printed him out business card size.
I used the same background paper and cut out the stool he steps on from some pretty scraps of paper I had left from another project. I used a sticker of a circus dog and placed him riding on the elephants back and each doing their own trick. And this time I got my 3-D effect to work out just right. Yeah!!!!!
I called it Elephun - because I think the elephants are a fun and gentle giant.

Being Sir Knight and I are clowns - I couldn't do the circus without doing my tribute to the fun guys of the Circus. Clown Alee. Yeah!!!!!!

For this card I applied a vellum overlay with one of my favorite song I learned at clown camp "I Wanna Be a Clown"; music and words by my instructor Christine E. Montrose. Then I gather up a few lovely clown faces and applied them to my same background and they made me laugh and giggle right away - so I knew they were just the right mix of characters.

Here is how it looks when you lift the vellum overlay. Aren't they just too cute for words.

And here we have one final glimpse at all three rings.

I know my posts have been kind of on again - off again all this summer - but we have been busy doing a bit of remodeling and I have been deeply engrossed in all the changes going on and have kept myself busy piddling around on that. Plus since this is my birthday month Sir Knight has been taking out and about to do many different places.

One such place was we went this past Sunday to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. Boy did I enjoy that. Where part 1 was a bit on the slow side while it tried to establish the mood and feelings for the final battle. Part two was exciting and full of action. No the movie was not great at following the book - but they did a better job then some books made into movies I've seen. To me it's just watching an alternative choice every now and then - so I don't mind.
But the book and my imagination - is far batter than the movie ever will be.

UMMM I see a little job I need to get busy on if ever this remodel is to be completed - so I best bring this to an end.

Thanks for stopping by.



Brian said...

Those are center-ring terrific!!!

Johanna said...

Hello Penny,
great job. This looks beautiful. Did Genghis assist?
Best greetings, Johanna

Anonymous said...

i am now the proud owner of these ATC' love love them!!!

The Altered Paper said...

All three are Gorgeous! Tee

pchickki said...

What a lovely circus collection!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

love these!!!!!!!!!