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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm howling Mad

Hello evfurryone,

Man am I angry - Pellie never even turned the computer on Monday so I could post - yesterday she did her own post (and I was ok with that) - but today she went and infringes on my day to post.

Today should have been my Wordless Wednesday. (Even if it wouldn't have been entirely wordless - every cat should have his day to post.)

I have such cute pictures of the Easter Bunnies that cam to visit us on the Saturday before Easter.

Remember I told you our grass was getting pretty high and Sir Knight really needed to get out and mow. Well with all the rain we have been having that was kind of hard for him to do. So on the Sat before Easter we all went out to work - between the rain drops.

Look at these guys - aren't they cute - The Loud noisy thing that Sir Knight rides on to mow the grass - scared them out of their little nest.

Now I want you to know I went and checked each one of them out and didn't hiss, snarl or strike at any of them. I thought I was being a very good little cat - for not hunting them down. Don't you agree?

There, now I feel a lot better - I got to share my story.



Brian said...

You are indeed a very kind neighbor! We've got bunnies too, they are so cute and lots of fun to watch!

pchickki said...

You were a good little kitty. The bunnies are so cute. I bet they were happy to be out for awhile since you were a good kitty.

Johanna said...

Hello Genghis,
oh, you are such a nice cat. You did very well not to hunt them down. They are still babies.
How nice that Penny let you share your story. I enjoyed it so much.
Best greetings and purr purr from Wiski
and Johanna

Tracy said...

...and you have every right to be mad...I don't like when I can't express myself either; makes me kind of grumpy really.
I'm so glad you feel better!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

And what a neat story. You met the Easter bunny family. Good thing you didn't hiss or you might be overlooked next year. Or is that Santa we're thinking of?