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Monday, April 18, 2011

Tuesday with Tea and Sticky Notes.

Hello everyone,

I decided to have a Pre- Easter Tea Party for just you and me - since Easter day will be reserved for Family. Join me for Teacup Tuesday with Terri and Martha

Please come in and make yourself at home. I've got the table set- I just need to get the water heating.

Click on pictures to make them larger

I know that my tea cups are really mugs - but the bunnies in this set just stole my heart and I had to have it.

This little set was made in China and has a mark on the bottom that reads WMG - but I was unable to find out any information on the company that made it.

I have my favorite Easter Storybook out so we can share the Sweetest Story of the first Easter Bunny.

This particular story was published in 1994 by Current, Inc and bears the trade mark Expressions of Faith. ( I have tried to find this book again to purchase more for family and friends - but I have had no luck what so ever - even Current doesn't have it any more.)

Titled The Very First Easter Bunny - written by Kari Dahlin and adapted by Nan Roloff; It is the story of a bunny who is around to witness the burial of Jesus and gives testimony to his Resurrection. He fills a garden basket with little things that remind him of new life coming from something that looks dead and still - a broken egg from which a bird had recently hatched and a chrysalis left by a newly emerged butterfly. The birds help him fill the basket with spring flowers that sing of the earths renewal after a long winter then he leaves the basket for the man who buried Jesus.

"And every year after that on Easter Day, the little bunny delivered his joyous message of rebirth to the world, so that all of us would remember Jesus' special message of Love, Hope, and New Life."

I am so glad you stopped by and shared tea and a story with me. Lets do this again sometime soon. I had such a good time and hope you did too.



Brian said...

I really loved the little bunny story! I think that might explain why some of our flowers are missing!!!

Katnip Lounge said...

So sweet and very timely; I just sat down with a cuppa!

xinex said...

What a sweet story and your table is so sweet too. Love the teapot!...Christine

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

So sweet!! I am loving your beautiful tablecloth!!


♥ Miss Tea said...

What a beautiful table setting you made! i'd love to accompany you for tea time! i love the little bunny story, the teacup or mug as you put it is just adorable!! thanks for dropping by my blog and left a sweet comment, Have a very Happy Easter and many blessings!

Susan @

Princesa Nadie said...

Having this Easter Tea Cup together with you has been a pleasure

Fábio Carvalho said...

Hello Penny!
How ADORABLE your tea set, with its bunnies, is! Just lovely! The teapot is something that I would expect to find on a fable or in a dream!
I wish I had one like this; I´ll have to start looking for one down here.
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment there.
I´m really glad that you've enjoyed my teapot, because I just adore it, and the whole set from where it came. BTW, I've included a photo of the whole set to my post, because so many people seems to like it!
The different shape, that we call "canelado" and I think it´s called "fluted" in english used to be very very popular during the 1940s' down here.
all the best

Terri said...

Oh how sweet! That is an adorable Easter set. The mugs are darling!

Sunny said...

I love the table and listening to a bunny story..perfect! Also love your kitty managing our scarry weather this weekend. Hoppy Easter!! Sunny109

Plush Possum Studio said...

A lovely table, a sweet story over cups of tea, and a lovely time shared by friends. How peaceful.
Hope you'll come by and check out that post I did on your Steampunk ATC soon.
Especially hoping the mail went out as it should way last week and that my card for this swap arrived/s safely.