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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not so Wordless Wednesday

Hello evfurryone,

Well it's been awhile since either of us posted last - How rude of us.

I have to admit that with the massive change in temperatures we've been having - we haven't felt like doing much of anything.

But I knew I just had to crawl out of my new favorite box and tell you all about our new giveaway.

Congratulate us as we have stuck with this blogging stuff for two years now. Yep yesterday was officially 2 years. Pellie was suppose to blog about it - but she just sat around and didn't do much of anything yesterday.

Well, she was goofing around finishing up the little cross stitch piece she made for our giveaway.

The one she had hoped to finish for this auspicious occasion isn't even 1/4 ways done - so she hurried up and made a simpler one. But I want you to know that just 'cuz this one was easier for Pellie to see and/or do does not mean it isn't pretty- it is. It just isn't the cool one I picked out.
Of course I didn't have to do the work, so I really didn't care if it was difficult and Pellie didn't get started on it till the 26th of March. Oh well we will just give that one away later when she finishes it.
Any way, enough said about this.

Here are just a few of the neat things we want to share with one special someone. With Easter coming later this year - we decided we could work with that as our theme. The tall bunny like object is a Dee Foust Collectibles for Bethany Lowe Designs. Personally I could take it or leave it - it don't look like any rabbit I know - but Pellie says a lot of humans really like these Bethany Lowe seasonal items - so I'll take her word on it.

Then there is the cute little bunny Pellie cross stitched and framed in an embroidery hoop. This rabbit isn't much more believable as a rabbit - but I thing he is kind of cute in a rather offbeat way.

Then she has included a tiny little basket a friend of her's made just for our giveaway.

And last but most important - that heart shaped container is for treats. Can not forget the treats. Treats of course will be appropriate for whoever wins. - so we won't be sending woofie treats if a kitty wins and kitty treats to a woofie. (You get the picture I'm sure.) I understand that there will also be human treats.

Well I've pretty much wore myself out with all this talking. So leave us a comment saying you want to be included in our giveaway. We will keep this open till midnight April 15th - when we will draw our winner and get the package ready to mail out on the 18th and hopefully you will receive it in time for Easter.



Brian said...

That is so cool and the prizes are beautiful!

Dapoppins said...

Good for Penny for sticking with the blog for 2 years! d Genghis Khat looks like a kitty that sleeps on the keyboard just when the silly person needs to be typing!

that is so sweet of you to give stuff away to celebrate!

Johanna said...

Hello, sweet Genghis,
your human Mom made such beautiful things for the giveaway, I am sure you are the perfect adviser in such cases with an unfailing taste. All the items are lovely and thoughtful choosen. My mistress admire them although she is aware, that she shouldn't be included in that giveaway, because she was already so nice treated with the gorgeous dragon.
You are such a nice cat, I would love to meet you.
Best greetings from
Wiski (Johanna's cat)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Congratulations on the Mile-Stone!!!

Very pretty new Background here.

Best wishes to your Dear Readers, for winning your give-away.

Now.... To explain why I am NOT entering the give-away. I've been blogging for years and years and have never moved-myself to do a give-away. But I have won some. Can't allow myself to win any more. It's just how I feel. So, I don't join in, when Dear Bloggers do them.

Please understand. Or if you can't understand, just accept my [maybe] silly ways. Thank you.

Gentle hugs...

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, you're having a giveaway. Those are neat items.

Happy Blogoversary - well, belated, but the thought counts, we hope.

Gail McCormack said...

You are so clever Genghis and congratulations to you & Pellie on blogging for two years!
Your giveaway celebration gifts are absolutely Purrfect!!

Gail xx

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Hi Genghis! Wow..Beautiful creations and treasures.. and wow gorgeous kitty! So sweet!
And Congrats yaya..celebrate!