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Monday, May 2, 2011

Mancat Monday

Oh! hello Evfurryone,

I was just sitting here thinking about my life.

Pellie took time out from her sewing project and Her & Sir Knight worked on beautifying the front yard for darn near six hours. They are giving the whole front of the house a face lift - so they where removing stuff that was getting old and falling apart and planting a few new things in pots.

Of course I had to snoopervise everything - but I did manage to play and have fun too.

Today Pellie is back to her sewing and Sir Knight will probably be busy in the garage - working on a few of his many projects - so I get to rest a bit and take life easy today. So like I said earlier I was thinking about life when I get older. Pellie bought me this magnet when she was out shopping someplace and I thought it had some cool ideas on aging.

If you cant read it - It says:

When I Am An Old Cat

When I Am An Old Cat I shall wear
a diamond collar and leave my footprints
on white couches; I shall drink my cream with
a touch of brandy and spit out my vitamins;
I shall sit on the laps of dog people
just to irritate them; I shall nap on top of the
neighbor's petunias and perch on top of
birdbaths and grow charmingly chubby.

But for now I must tolerate the dog
and use my litter box and not sharpen
my claws on the sofa, so no one can doubt
the truth that cats are superior to dogs.

But every once in a while I wonder
if I should be naughty now and then
and nip a few toes, so my humans
won't be too shocked when suddenly
I become an old cat and
start to wear a diamond collar.

Well I need to go out and check my domain - so I guess I better say goodbye for now.

See You Wednesday.




Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

LUV that Kitty-Cat-version of "When I am Old.." -giggles-

Today Justice!

Brian said...

Don't run and romp too hard, remember, there are naps to be had!

Johanna said...

Hi Genghis,
Pellie is so cute to you, isn't she. Such charming thoughts on the magnet. I am sure you have to wait still a long time until you will get your Diamond collar, because you look not at all like an old cat!
Bets greetings and purr purr
from Wiski and Johanna

Katnip Lounge said...

We LOVE the poem...Mommy says she wants to be a Cat when she grows up.

Cat said...

Oh Genghis I think you have a great life now too :-) Loved the poem!!!