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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Necessary Evil.

Hello everyone,

This is just a short post - to let you know that I have initiated Comment Moderation on this blog till further notice.

Genghis: But Pellie that makes more work for me when my friends come to call - now I'm disgruntled, too.

Pellie: Sorry Genghis, but it can't be helped. I just want to keep everyone safe.(you, me, and all our friends)

Genghis: Well I hope this tempest thing blows over quickly so things can go back to normal soon.

Pellie: Me too, Genghis - but a person has to stand for something or they fall for every thing and I stand up for common courtesy

I refuse to sacrifice principle for the sake of peace.



Eric and Flynn said...

We put comment moderation on our blog some time back for any posts over two days old as there was so much spam coming through.We do get some on current posts but blogger seems to be doing a good job of catching it and not publishing it unless approved.I don't know why people get pleasure in such a pathetic activity. About three years ago I came back from holiday to find 400+ spam comments on various older posts. It took a long time to find them all and delete them.

Brian said...

Yep, I agree with you, we've gotta life, I wish the spammers would get one!

pchickki said...

OH so that is where all of a sudden my email is filled with spam?
Yikes!! Guess I better moderate my comments too.