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Thursday, February 24, 2011

ATC on Thoughtful Thursday

Good morning everyone,

A few sunny days lulled us into thinking spring was not too far off - but alas Old Man Winter is not quite ready to release us from his grip and we are expecting another storm. This one should only drop about 5 inches worth of the white fluffy stuff on us - but that is more than enough for my winter weary body to cope with.

As you know I have such a such a good time making these Little Artist Trading Cards. (ATC) and for the most part my partners have been super terrific.

When Wendy over at Blissful ATC Swap - made up the partners list for this month - I was almost tempted to tell her I would be unable to participate after all. I was paired with a partner with whom, I’ve played with before on another project - and she left me with bruised and damaged, feelings.

Sir Knight and I spent quite a bit of time in conversation - while I tried to figure out what to do. Well, to make a long story short - I decided to rise above my hurt feelings and giver her another chance.
Just because the mind says another chance is possible doesn’t mean that the heart is always on the same track, however. The first card I made up for her was just kind of thrown together helter skelter and I must admit was nowhere near being anything I could be proud of - so after looking at it a few days - I once again set to work.
This time heart and head were working more in unison and I have to admit I was very happy with the result.

So here is the ATC I sent out.

Here is the card I made to accompany it on it’s journey.

Now here is the hard part of the story for me. - My partner - well She didn’t have enough respect for me to make sure she sent her card out on time or even let me know she‘d be late in sending out till she received my card.

Hmmmmmm - If she didn’t play right the first time - what made me think she’d play any better the second time around. Ever the Optimist I just set myself up to be disappointed once again.

As I grow older - I have to wonder sometimes if I will ever grow any wiser.



Brian said...

The cards are very pretty! More snow...oh no!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Your work is simply lovely!

But you gotta' learn, Dear One! All this forgive-and-forget stuff... It just doesn't compute, all the time. We have to listen to our gut feelings.

And if our gut feelings say... "Nope..." Go with them!

It's one thing to forgive-and-forget something done to us, when the person realizes their slight, and apologizes. But... Keep putting our hand out there, to get slapped? Come on!

Personally, I wish that lovely creation of yours, had gone to someone else. -pout-

Gentle hugs...

Tracy said...

Oh Penny..sometimes we do get wiser and other times, well we just keep on hoping!
Also, I certainly will do your photos...give me time to open my shop!

Cat said...

Oh Penny, just continue through life the way you are with your open, loving heart and don't even worry about nasty people like that, they aren't worth a second thought!