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Monday, May 24, 2010

Hazardous ManCat Monday

Hello evfurryone,

Genghis here again. The temperatures turned so hot, it is really unbearable for a spoiled kitty like me to venture outside. So I decided to stay in today and try and help Sir Knight & Pellie.
But Pellie is so hyper - all she keeps muttering is that she is so behind schedule - she'll never catch up. Well I really couldn't tell you if she is or isn't behind; I can however, tell you she is bordering on being MAD, and her weird actions have turned me into a a basket case.

Seriously, do I look happy? Instead of sitting in this basket I should be using it as a helmet. At a moments notice you may have to duck and cover today. Besides what she is throwing in a pile to throw away - you'll never believe this she is building a pile of stuff to go downstairs in the annex.
I thought she said she was going to clean it up - not fill it up.

I thought she had the upstairs shed/ craft room all cleaned up the way she wanted - but nope- she has the whole thing all messed up again moving things around and making things from the projects Sir Knight and I made last week. Its so messy here in the shed that it isn't safe for man nor beast.

I have one question. Do any other humans make big messes while they try to straighten thing up? Sir Knight couldn't or wouldn't give me an answer on this one. I don't remember the garage ever looking this bad when he cleaned it - maybe it's just a girl thing.

I think I'll go hide for away. I'll visit evfurryone later when the computer isn't in a war zone.



Brian said...

Humans do tend to make things messy sometimes, the best thing to do is take a nap!

Anonymous said...

penny , you always have the best creativity . LOVE YOUR WORK , DURKEE25