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Friday, May 28, 2010


Hello everyone,
Since Memorial Day has traditionally been the day to bring out the white shoes and summer attire I thought I'd show you a few pictures of my new "Chapeau" (that's French for hat, in case you didn't know). Teehee

Well it's not new - I got it last year and it had a rather dorky, disgusting band of seashells on it.

So I fixed it up Pellie style and now I'm ready to start the summer- Pretty hat, dainty purse & Foster Grants. LOL! What more could an old lady like me need.


Brian said...

That's so pretty, I think any of my sisters would look good in that!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

I sooooooooo remember - no white shoes before memorial day - and definitely not after labor day!!!! Kids today are missing soooooo much.
Here's to the troops - past and present!