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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Garage Sale Goodies and my May Challenge entry

Hello Everyone,
No Genghis, you may not mail yourself out to Jan's Funny Farm along with their treats. That would be more than they bargained for when they joined your giveaway.

Yep all that cold nasty rain moved in on us like they said it would and tonight we have freeze warning. But Dedicated Garage Sale'er that I am, I never let a little cold weather come between me and a bargain. Didn't find to much out there - but I found enough to satisfy my compulsion

This weekends treasures include a couple of craft books,a historical romance, some fabric, a place mat and a couple empty boxes. Ooops, almost missed my pretty little crystal salt and peppers, they are so cute.

Here is Sir Knight's treasures. A couple scroll saw books, sanding disks, and a New for us Cookbook. Yummm hope it has something tasty in it.

This is the picture Gail gave us, the word prompt was courage.

Sir Knight, in an attempt to help me improve the quality of my blog pictures; bought me a new photo software for Mother's Day and of course I had to sit right down and experiment. And in case your wondering; - no I let my male side show and didn't read all the directions first. This program is suppose to do lots and lots of good stuff -and the instructions though not extremely technical fills a 377 page book, so it may take me awhile to get it all processed.

This little digital piece I did for Mind Wide Open, therefore, may be my only piece for quite some time.
This is what I made with it.

Check out all the great artwork over on Gail's Blog tomorrow. Mind Wide Open is the place to go. Vote for the piece that speaks to your soul and give all us struggling artist a boost.


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Brian said...

Happy Mother's Day to you and to Moms everywhere!