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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thinking of You Today

Hello Everyone,


My class is just a fond memory. I gave myself permission to R&R for a couple days and now I feel ready to get back to blogging and more importantly to crafting.

While I was cleaning up after my sewing marathon and trying to ground myself back in this century - Sir Knight was busy working on a few things in the garage. This sweet little Chandelier is what he finally came in with. Isn’t it just the cutest thing? It’s a baby to the main mommy one in my studio. When we were re doing the breezeway into my studio we had picked up a couple of chandeliers at an auction. Sir Knight painted the big one in a great bubble gum pink for me - and hung it up over my work area. Well, as of late I was saying how I needed just a small sort of light for when I am working on the computer.

Well there it is - He cleaned it up and painted it to match then hung it in the corner by the windows and when it’s the only light on - its just right for working on the computer ( no added glare on the monitor.). I had forgotten we even had this little guy sitting in the garage. I'm so glad he didn't.

Thank you dear, you are just too good to me.

I needed to show you this cute little tea pot that Sir Knight picked up for me, the last time we stopped by the Goodwill. It is so cute - I had to put it in the library. Yea I know teapots don't belong in the library - but this one is books, for goodness sake - it was made to sit in the library.

Hey, Hey, Garage sale season is back. The warm weather we’ve been having here in the Midwest is conducive to its start - so today I headed to my first of the season. Yeah!!!!! Oh I picked up so many Neat things - but it was too late to get a decent picture when I got home - so I’ll show you tomorrow.

Rain is suppose to start tomorrow morning and rain all all day and into Saturday as well - good thing I have a cool pair of Wellie's and a new umbrella. It doesn't hurt that a few of the garage sales this weekend are indoors. I'm all set to go.



Anonymous said...

Mom LOVES your chandelier. The color is awesome! Sir Knight is wonderful for fixing it up for your mom. And glad to see you're back!

Brian said...

Hey, we've been missing you!!!