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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adding to my giveaway.

Hi evfurryone,
Genghis here. Hope you have been having a good week. It has been cold and rainy around here so I haven't been able to spend much time outside. What happen to spring? I thought it would be warm now.
Hey I wanted to add this cute little towel set to my giveaway. (If you don't know what giveaway I'm talking about, read post from 4-5-10. It was new with tags on it when one of the grandbeans picked it up at a garage sale for me - but it was dirty from the fact it blew around the yard - a lot of the stuff on the tables not in the garage got dirty when the wind would pick up.
Pellie said she would wash it and see how it came out. As you can see it is clean and the Kitties are pawesome. Pellie figured if you didn't want to use it in the kitchen since it didn't have tags on it any more - you might want to use it as a rag.



Brian said...

Such cute kitties on there too, love the orange tiger!

Anonymous said...

Those are super cute!!! So sweet of your grandbeans!

Eric and Flynn said...

They are lovely, much too pretty to be used as rags.