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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sitting in the Dark

Hello evffurryone,

Man, sometimes things just don't turn out very well. Pellie and Sir Knight took me to the Vet. yesterday. I don't like that place at all especially if he has to check me out for something.

It seems unbenonst to me - I have been keeping my left eye closed a lot lately - and Pellie was worried. So the Dr. put some really icky drops in my eyes and was really pulling on my eyelids and trying to look in my eyes. I scrinched them as tight as I could but he was still able to check them out. Turns out I have an infection - and now I have to get medicine in both my eyes, twice a day. Ain't that a bummer.

I fight tooth and nail - cuz - I don't want it put in but Pellie and Sir Knight are bigger that me - so after I finish my post I plan on going into hiding.

Do you think they'll forget? Yea, me neither.

Hope you all are having a better day than I am.



Anonymous said...

Oh you poor sweetie! Keep in mind, they're only trying to help, even if you think it's some weird for of abuse. We hope you eye 'fections go away furry soon! Sending TURBO healing purrs to you right now! Look out! Here they come...


Brian said...

Oh no, it will be better quicker if you cooperate, really, really! We're purring for a fast better!

A few Good Cats said...

All of us also send you our healing vibes and purrayers for your eye.