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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What is it Wednesday?

Hello everyone,

Today I decided to try something different and along with Genghis's Wordless Wednesday - I would hostess a few -  -   "What is it Wednesdays?"

So What do you think the items in the picture are?

These particular items are relatively new - but I used to use a similar type item when I was a very young girl.
I'll tell you all about them tomorrow.


P.S. It rained yesterday but it was warmer - so guess who had to take a short nap outside?




Mom thinks it's something to make a string toy with. We think that could be fun!!

The Florida Furkids

Brian said...

I don't know what they are, but if my Vet pulls those out I am leaving!

Eric and Flynn said...

We think it is for crocheting. Enjoy your outdoor naps Genghis.

Michele said...

Genghis is so gorgeous! i'm at a loss about your goodies though. one of the pieces looks like something at the dentist's office... i shall have to pop back by tomorrow to get enlightened! thanks for sweet comments on my blog! xo