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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Check out my first swap items for the year.

Hello everyone,
In trying to get back into a routine - I decided I needed to get back into the habit of doing an ATC swap or two.  So I headed over to my favorite place to swap. Blissful ATC Swap and signed up for the January Swap.

The theme was vintage wallpaper -- say what! --- hummmmm what am I going to do with that???
What's that you say- we are exchanging three cards apiece - oh dear - what did I get my muse into?

My partner for the swap was Wendy from Art By Wendy.  This girl has an amazing blog and makes some pretty incredible art.   If you haven't ever visited her blog you might want to check her out.

These are the three cards she sent to me.  Aren't they  awesome. A lot of work and talent went into these.
I really love them.   Thanks again Wendy.

Then there was the question of what I was going to make - so I went to Wendy's blog and settled in reading some of her older post and things.  I kind of concluded that she liked Steampunk and that was a theme I could get into  - but how to incorporate that with vintage wallpaper?    Think.  Think.  Think.  

 These are the Cards I made for Wendy.  The background for all three card has some Vintage wallpaper That was left at an old Victorian house I owned in the 80's (1980's that is I'm not old enough for the 1880's)

The first one with the pretty young lady and her cat. is titled:  Going Steampunk to Winter Carnival.

The second one with my own version of a steam powered carriage parked in front of the house ( yes the wallpaper is visible through the window the carriage sits in front of) is titled  Steampunk Horseless Carriage.

And Last but not least - this one where all the accoutrements of the party are thrown willy nilly around the room  is titled:  After the Party.

I felt my muse pulled through for me after all and was quite happy with these cards. Sure hope Wendy liked them.

Well I best get busy with some of my other project.



Johanna said...

Hi Penny,
all your cards look really fantastic artful. I hope you get some wonderful things with the swap.
Best greetings, Johanna

Queenie Believe said...

You did great!!! So glad you are exercising your muse.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Brian said...

Those are very nice and very creative!

CuddlyBunny said...

Your creations are wonderful, and how awesome that you had on hand actual vintage wallpaper!