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Thursday, January 31, 2013

LOL the Big Reveal

Hello everyone,
I really wasn't sure I'd make it to the computer today - I've been in bed with a migrain. but I am feeling a bit better right now.  Sooooooooo here I am.

Yesterday's mystery items where Knitting Nancy's, Knitting Knobbys, Bizzy Lizzys or a mired of other names.
I first learned of then as Spool Kniters and my father made me my very first one - way back when I was in first or second grade., by pounding 4 small nails into a spent wooden spool.

As you can see from the picture the distance apart of the pegs makes a big difference in the tightness of the knitted rope it makes.  For my Muffs wrist strap I used my clear knitter .  I also used it to make a rope for around my great nieces neck when I make her a little muff for Valentines day.

The others became toys for My favorite mancat - Genghis Khat.

Hey these are great.  You don't mind if I just help myself do you?

They kept him entertained all morning long.

That wasn't nice Pellie!  I will get back at you for making me look so silly

That's much better-  Thank you Sir Knight for taking a picture I can be proud of.

I slept and he played till he was exhausted then he came and snuggled  - what a wonderful day it was.  Headache and All.



Brian said...

HA! I am glad they are just cat toys!!,


We think everything is a toy!

The Florida Furkids

Michele said...

cool knitters! and a very happy cat! xo