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Friday, May 20, 2011

Confession is Good for the Soul.

Hello everyone,

Will the world end Tomorrow?

According to Preacher Harold Camping from Oakland California - Jesus will arrive for his second coming tomorrow at 6pm ( Umm Harold is that Pacific time or Eastern Standard? Just wondering!!! )
He maintains that 2% of the worlds population will then be raptured into heaven and the rest will be immediately be sent to the other place.

Now I’m a reasonably good Christian and not one to scoff at the idea of Armageddon - but - just how can he be sure of his facts and his dates. People have been waiting for the coming of the Kingdom of God for some time now. And besides according to the Mayan calendar -Life as we know it - doesn’t end till Dec 21, 2012.

I mean who is right and who is wrong?

No Matter - I figure I better - play it safe and come clean about all my foibles and quirks now - just in case.

I Penelope Plum am an addict - Yes, you heard me right - I am an Addict -

I am addicted to rummaging through other people trash and I don’t care if it’s literally on the curbside during clean up week; or at auctions, estate sales and/or at garage sales. I’m there ready and willing to pick through stuff in order to find that one perfect piece that I just wont be able to live without.

And here is the proof. - This picture show just a hint of the goodies I couldn’t live without this week alone.

I’d tell you that all of this wasn’t for me -but I’d be fibbing if I did that - so I will not tell a lie.
(Especially with the possibility of Judgement Day being so close.)

Do I need all this stuff - well probably not - but I just had to have it. And the price was to good to pass up.

I am no hoarder (although I do have the packrat gene in my DNA strand) - I probably won’t keep everything forever. I’ll happily use some of the items till - I tire of them - then I will either donate what’s left or recycle at a garage sale of my own. But till then it’s all mine. Yipee!

I am also addicted to playing with paper in my craft room/studio/shed. I have been known to disappear in there for hours on end. What’s worse is I have even ignored my need to forage for food just so I could stay elbow deep in glue and paper. (I know ! - - - How strange is that?)

This months Artful Bag Challenge theme was playing with paper. So I wanted to make sure I showed you my cute little spring into summer style paper purse. Yep, even the purse handle is paper. And I was happy as a pig in mud as I worked on this little beauty.

I also am addicted to buying fabric. Even though I am only minimally proficient in my sewing skill, I could wander about in a fabric store for hours and if left unchecked come home with literally tons of fabric - just because I thought they were pretty.

But my biggest addiction which feeds all these other addictions is that I am a Hopeless Romantic who is addicted to Pretty. I love ribbon’s, lace, pink, aquamarine, roses and all things feminine and pretty.

That’s my pre judgment day confession and if by chance we are all still here tomorrow - I’ll probably celebrate by going fabric shopping, since there isn’t an auction this weekend.



CuddlyBunny said...

Your paper Artful Bag is wonderful! I love the flowers and butterfly!

As for the end: A non-believer myself, I remain positive that considering the end as a real possibility is always healthy, no matter the how's or why's of it all.

Because facing the end reminds us to share and be honest and not waste time worrying about things that Do Not Matter -- just as you are doing!

So, we embrace you and your fabric, paper and rummage addiction (which all of us also might share)!

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

I think you and the mommy at the cozy cottage are cut from the same yardage of fabric! She has all the same problems...I mean interests....paper, knee deep in glue and ink pads, forgetting to eat or feed me...not getting to bed on time...not wanting to get up in the morning because she was up half the night making paper stuff...well, you get the drift...
Love Miss Peach

Brian said...

Your art is so beautiful! I'm going to nap lots and see what happens when I wake up, hopefully the world will still be here!

Katnip Lounge said...

With such heinous sins I'm sure you'll still be here, ha ha ha!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Beautiful..what ag orgeous piece..very dazzling and charming! and yay..such a fun-spirited made me smile and giggle out loud..and i love all the treasures..enjoy..shine on!

Plumrose Lane said...

Ah, I'm happy to say we're all still here today which means I was able to read the lovely comment you left on my blog ~ thank you!
Your creations are always SO lovely!

Plush Possum Studio said...

You wrote: "a Hopeless Romantic who is addicted to Pretty. "
i love this so much, because I feel that's who we are as crafts people and artisans.
And this would make a great quote in your very own blog button.
If you make it, they will come.....
I predict.