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Thursday, November 18, 2010

November ATC Swap

Hello everyone,

I now know that my November Swap partner from Blissful ATC Swap has received her card so I am now able to share the cards with all of you.

This month I had Polly over at Angels in My Garden and Back Porch Graphics . Both are wonderful blogs so make sure you head over and check them out.

Above you see the card I received from Polly. Isn't it beautiful. I love it. Thank you so much Polly.

The theme for this month was no theme, or anything we wanted to do. - Well sometimes what I like other people look at in disbelief and wonder where my mind was - so I was in a real tither over what I would make. Heading over to Polly's blog - I wandered around and dug into her archives - and if my memory serves me - I thought I saw she liked the color purple. (With three granddaughters that are purple fans) - I kind of figured I could do something with that.

I had already picked up my pretty Art Deco fairy picture at the auction and decided she needed to be used in the ATC - so as soon as I scanned it into the computer I I headed over to my Microsoft Digital Image Editor and got to work - altering the colors - till I was able to make it a lovely shade of purple.
Then I sat and stared at it and the card for a while and the flat image really did nothing for me. So I got out my new best friend -my paper clay and my plaque molds from the
early seventies (when I made cute wall hanging for my son's and niece's rooms) and amid the larger plaques there were a few for smaller ones. One in particular looked like it would be perfect for a cameo look. I wasn't too sure if this would work as my last foray into the paper clay I rolled out thin and hand cut out. The three days waiting for the clay to air dry in the mold had me biting my fingernails almost to the quick. Finally it was dry, and popped out of the mold with no trouble. Just a touch of very light sanding and it was good to go; and so nice and light.
Shrinking the picture down to the size of my plaque was the next step and then I decoupaged it on. To give it a pearlized look I used just a bit of Gleams paint over the tiny plaque - when it was dry I thought it really did looked just like a cameo. With that in mind, I then decided it need a filigree border around it; so I quilled one up in no time. and applied all to my randomly painted purple card. A little bit of doily added to help glam it up a bit and then I glittered the whole card for bling. And wala! My card which I Titled: Fantasy in Purple. Here is my card what do you think?

Of course I made a little card to accompany my ATC on its journey and this time to insure that the quilling did not get crushed I made a box to hold it.

I really do enjoy making these ATC's; as they give you a little chance to showcase different skills - yet are not so large you think you'll never finish it. And are also a great way to meet new friend and find new blogs that I might not have found otherwise.



Brian said...

The purple is so very pretty!

Polly said...

Penny, I will forever treasure this card!!! It is very special to me that you took the time to browse my blog and find what I liked best! I DO love purple. It is my favorite color of all! The tiny cameo, the quilling surrounding it and the teeny lace doilies just take my breath away! It is so beautiful and I have looked at it over and over. Every time I put it back in it's little box, I soon bring it out to look at some more. I love it!!!

Polly said...

I linked to this post, Penny!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Penny - you take receipts to heart, I love that about you!!! Beautiful work by both of you!
cheers, dana

Patti said...

Very pretty cards !

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

OT but...

'Aunt Amelia' says;
Please HELP!!!

'Cause I'm getting just a *Gray Page of Doom,* when trying to change things, on my blog. -pout- -sigh-

Cat said...

You are so talented!

I just love quilled things, I can't do it myself and have been looking to take a class to learn how. Last year I bought the most beautiful quilled snowflakes for my Christmas tree :-)

Miss Sandy said...

Oh my goodness, the quilling around your ATC is stunning, and love the image too! I am sure she loved receiving it. Thank you for stopping in to visit.